The Chinese lunar rover is still operational, but in limited mode

    The Jade Hare, a Chinese lunar rover, has been on the moon for five months. As you know, the device had a breakdown, which led to the inability to hide important components and assemblies (mast, solar panels) in a heated box.

    This, in turn, caused a gradual "weakening" of the apparatus, because every moonlit night, lasting 14 Earth days, leads to a failure / violation of one or another device system. Nevertheless, the lunar rover is still “alive”, and transmits a signal to Earth through the landing module.

    The lunar rover is not able to move, because its wheels no longer function. And over time, all systems without exception will fail, however, this may not happen so soon.

    In any case, the Chinese project to study the moon using the lander and the lunar rover can be considered successful, since most of this program has been completed. Yes, there were some points of the program that could not be implemented, but the launch, landing and operation of the devices on the moon - all this went quite well. Deviation from the intended landing site, breakdown of the drive unit chain are unfortunate problems, but, in general, the project has proved successful.

    I would like to hope that the Chinese (and not only them) will not stop there, and will continue to develop the natural satellite of the Earth. By the way, at a recent conference, a leading NASA specialist said that the agency’s priority at the moment is to land a man on Mars, the moon is not yet discussed. So all hopes are on the Chinese.

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