iOS CSS of death


    A code was published on github that leads to force restart iOS (11/12 GM) devices when visiting an html page. It also causes Mac OS High Sierra / Mojave to crash when using Safari.

    The code leading to force restart is an html-code with a large number of nested divs and a "crazy" background blur function:

    div {
                backdrop-filter: blur(10px);
                -webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(10px);
              width:10000px; height:10000px;

    Also published PoC html-page that implements this bug (Safari users go at their own peril and risk).

    There is an assumption that the bug crept in at a level lower than the webkit and may lead to more serious consequences. Also, the use of this bug can be applied in sociotechnical companies and stupid sweepstakes, so I advise you to be extremely suspicious of all links, especially since iOS all browsers, in fact, is a superstructure over Safari.

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