Motocoin - cryptocurrency with human mining

    LogoMay 1 at the forum appeared BitcoinTalk branch , in which one of the members of the board announced a somewhat unusual fork Bitcoin. The main difference between this cryptocurrency is that it is not computers that mine it, but people. In order to get MOTO (units of the Motocoin cryptocurrency), you only need an average computer (at the moment, support for OpenGL version three is required, but in the future, most likely, the game will work with the second version) and some skills in passing computer games.

    To receive a reward, you need to pass the level generated pseudo-randomly based on transactions in the next block. As soon as someone passes the level, the next block is generated.

    The game you need to play for MOTO mining is very similar to Elastomania(and X-Moto ) - hence the name of the cryptocurrency.

    This unusual approach to mining at first surprised many participants in the Bitcoin community (some even decided that this was a joke), but later, when it became clear that everything was serious, the community liked the experiment. And why not - there are not so many cryptocurrencies that (in theory) can be mined for years even on an average laptop. And, more importantly, it takes time of a person, not a computer, but it is much more valuable.

    Theoretically, Motocoin can give rise to the introduction of cryptocurrencies in computer games and, in general, to use the opportunities that people have for mining. The Motocoin principle is called Proof ‑ of ‑ Play, although the author originally formulated it as Proof ‑ of ‑ Thought. And although the Proof ‑ of ‑ Play wording for Motocoin really suits more, it is possible that other human abilities will be used in the future, in addition to gaming talents.

    Upon reaching a certain popularity, of course, the arms race will begin here: people will write bots, and then the bulk of the coins will be concentrated among those who are strong in programming, and can simultaneously launch bots on a large number of servers.

    But right now, Motocoin allows people with the ability to play games to collect rewards, in fact, on an equal footing. In the first block, the three Motocoin developers received 150 thousand coins each, but in fact, if you count, this is not a very big advantage (enough that they have an interest in developing cryptocurrency, but nothing more).


    At the moment (from May 20 - starting with the launch of Motocoin) about two thousand blocks have already been reclaimed. The reward for the block is now 100 coins. It is halved every 200 thousand blocks - about once every two years.

    Motocoin sources can be downloaded here .

    A compiled client (currently supported by Windows and Linux) can be downloaded on the official website .

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