Rating of the most ridiculous mistakes of cybercriminals

    This week we already wrote two posts about hackers: the developer of Blackshades and the participants of the Chinese PLA Unit 61398. We offer a break from the success stories of hackers and look at their less advanced colleagues.

    Here is a rating of 5 idiots - cybercriminals and ordinary lovers of fooling around, not forgetting about technology:

    1. How to get into jail, claiming theft of your own laptop? It is easy if you list 30,000 foreign accounts in the list of lost valuable data. The hacker, who was deprived of a laptop and freedom, was sincerely surprised by the "arbitrariness" of the police: "Accounts are about the same as music on the Internet, they are stolen by everyone who is not lazy."
    2. Under similar circumstances, another character in the rating burned - a porn lover. He “caught” a ransomware Trojan on his laptop with “classic” accusations of watching porn and ... went to the police station to find out if he was really accused of storing prohibited content. After examining the computer, the police discovered correspondence and candid photos of minors.
    3. The 19-year-old burglar entered the house in the absence of the owners and stole two diamond rings totaling more than $ 3,500. It was not difficult to find him - the young man logged into his Facebook account from a computer in a strange house, changed his status to “happy” and closed the browser without even leaving his account.
    4. Talented phishers easily deceive their victims, but most of their colleagues are deprived of the gift of persuasion. ESET senior analyst David Harley’s collection contains several emails, the authors of which wrote the headers (like “I am waiting for your response” or “I need a partner for biz”) and simply duplicated them in the body of the letter.
    5. Get to the bottom by robbing three banks in eight days? No matter how! Having adjusted his financial situation, the hero immediately went to Facebook. He published his own photo in clothes used for robberies, with a machine gun in his hands, and shared his joy: “I bought my first house and chopper ... Life is beautiful!”

    On this optimistic note, the rating can be completed.

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