Volvo introduced autonomous electric truck without cab

    So far, none of the companies involved in the development and production of autonomous machines has presented a ro-mobile with a level of autonomy of 4 or 5. In most cases, this is the second level, which most of the autopilots produced by different companies correspond to.

    Almost all auto concerns are working on the creation of passenger cars. And only a small fraction of the designs of the trucks of the future. One of these companies is Volvo, which recently presented a fully autonomous electric truck. Since its level of autonomy is higher than that of other models, the truck was deprived of the cabin considering it a relic of the past.

    The vehicle was called Vera. According to the head of the company, the potential of the transport industry is far from being fully revealed, still ahead. The main problems to be solved are the search for new technologies and opportunities that can take the whole sphere to a new level of development.

    As for the Vera, the truck was much easier due to the absence of the cab, in addition, the aerodynamic conditions of the car were improved, which is important if the truck moves at high speed. So far, Vera has been used for the company's own needs, a kind of test for the capabilities of an autonomous truck.

    The developers are confident that their offspring can be an addition to the logistics chain of any company. The big advantage of the car is that it does not pollute the environment and makes much less noise than regular trucks. Thus, a new type of truck can be used where previously they were prohibited.

    Batteries from Vera are the same as those used in other electric trucks (although the company chose not to specify their technical characteristics).

    In addition to Volvo, other companies are involved in the development of autonomous electric trucks. Last year, own vehicle introducedTesla company. Its representatives began to negotiate with the state of California on the release of a new type of truck on public roads. The power reserve of such a vehicle is about 200-500 km.

    In 2016, the American kompagiya presented an interesting variation of the electric track. Nikola Motor Company has developed the world's first hydrogen fuel cell truck. It is equipped with 320 kWh batteries, which are charged by fuel cells. The total power of the two electric motors of the truck is 1000 hp, torque - 2700 Nm.

    A loaded wagon accelerates to 100 km / h in 30 seconds. The rise in 6%, it overcomes almost without decreasing the course.

    Well, in 2014, the company Mercedes introduced its version of the truck on electricity . He, like the version from Volvo, is equipped with an autonomous control system, though not as perfect as that of a competitor. Mercedes truck got its own name - Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025.

    The control system can cope with driving on roads without a driver, at a speed of up to 85 km / h. The driver himself starts the car, and he enters the road. Then the truck does everything on its own, allowing the driver to rest. The Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 drove along an eight-lane autobahn, along with 20 third-party cars (both cars and trucks) to simulate a real road situation.

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