Dribbble Meetup 2014 at Mail.Ru Group office

    We welcome all designers and their sympathizers. On May 24, Moscow will host the Dribbble Meetup 2014 conference, the official meeting of Dribbble participants in Russia. The meeting will be held in the office of Mail.Ru Group, this will be the third Moscow Dribble-conference. As in previous years, all the reports of the participants will be devoted only to practical tasks: the creation of modern sites, icons, illustrations, web services and mobile applications.

    Last year, the conference brought together over 400 guests, who were addressed by leading industry experts: SoftFacade, Vadim Shcherbakov, Pavel Proshin (Gipis), Phil Dunsky, Nikolay Verin, Dmitry Novikov (MacPaw), Mysmaks, Dmitry Chut, Dmitry Zimin and others. More visitors are expected this year. For them, conference speakers prepared many interesting reports on how work was going on on well-known projects, how to squeeze everything out of design tools, how the workflow was built in studios and grocery companies, and what techniques and methods to use to create strong and modern design work.

    Among the speakers this year are well-known community designers from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan:
    Alexander Khmelevsky(SoftFacade). Topic of the report: “I f * cking love InVision! All those prototypes and collaboration and sh * t. "

    Dima Novikov (MacPaw). Topic: "Sketch 3. Workshop."

    Stepan Burlakov (Freeger)

    ALEX BENDER . Topic of the report: “DOG Icon2x”.

    Alexander Zaitsev . Topic of the report: “Why is it sometimes worth going beyond the standard iOS 7 guidelines?”

    Alexander Nokhrin . Topic of the report: “Freelance. How to work with "difficult" clients. "

    Dmitry Chuta (Chapps). Topic of the report: "Interactive revolution, or What you need to know about animation in interfaces to make it cool."

    Max Kostenko

    Tanya Sayenko (Ryazhanka). Topic of the report: “Soulful Icons”.

    Andrey Davlikanov

    Pokras Lampas

    Oleg Andrianov (Classmates). Theme of the report: “Prototyping tools mob. applications. Teamwork with the developer. "

    Alisher Yakupov (Classmates). Topic of the report: “About the Russian Design Cup 2014 Competition”.

    Vitaly Lavrynets and Yaroslav Samoilov (Imhonet). Topic: Imhonet Mobile Application.
    - Cuberto
    - Pavel Skripkin (Mail.Ru Group). Topic: Animate vs AfterEffects. Master class
    - Sasha Burt (ex-Parallels). Topic: A More Perfect Pixel.

    The list is not final, there may be other speakers.

    Participation in Dribbble Meetup is free and requires pre- registration . On theAnnouncements and conference news are quickly posted on the official website . The organizers of the Dribbble Meetup are Oleg Andrianov and Yuri Vetrov (Mail.Ru Group).

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