Steampunk Day in Grandma's Park + new steampunk monument

    Today in the Grandmother's Park opened a kinetic steampunk sculpture of A. Aseryants. Well, there was also a steampunk program in honor of Park Day. It so happened that I was there, and I have some pictures from the event.

    The face of the sculpture:

    One of the moving parts (the shaft that raises and lowers the piston):

    Caution, traffic .

    The whole device:

    More details (pimples - water, drizzled rain): All

    sorts of things were sold there:

    These are quite expensive, a bag with a belt and pouches - about 10 thousand rubles:

    Almost standard role-playing equipment:

    A cool crossbow, a piece - just like a clock :

    A good table lamp:

    Exhibition of paintings:

    And a flying ship. Where without him?

    There are also master classes on every steampunk hand-made. No, you won’t be able to assemble a steam bazooka, only decorations:

    Here he is building an installation with buckets depicting a perpetual motion machine:

    Plus a concert:

    People and costumes:

    When we left the park, the children were already spinning with all their might on the new sculpture, they were smeared in fresh lubricated and rejoiced. In general, it’s cool that such things appear - here is the spirit of steampunk, and the space provided for the passenger (which Instagram), and the opportunity to touch the mechanics for the child.

    Just in case, I remind you that in the spirit of steampunk, role-playing games are regularly held (for example, on the computer game "Arcanum"), where you can meet hundreds of people in elaborate costumes.

    The main program of the parks day was held today. Now the Night of Museums begins, do not miss.

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