Partnership Naviaddress and ACTUM

    Naviadres, a platform for digital addressing of places and objects, agreed with technology company ACTUM on cooperation within the framework of the hakaton Naviadres (, which will be held from September 20 to September 30, 2018.

    At the hackathon, project teams will have to develop applications and games that use the Naviaddress technology for growing industries: delivery, e-commerce, repair and maintenance of facilities,

    The winners - “long distance programmers” will compete for the grand prize of 400,000 rubles.

    To take part in the hackathon, you must register on the site before September 19 .

    O Naviaddress

    International company Naviaddress is a developer of a platform for digital addressing of places and objects. Naviadres is a smart numeric address that combines the most current addressing methods - postal address, geo-coordinates and PlusCodes, as well as useful information - a textual and photographic description of the last mile route and any additional information about the object. Detailed information about the company is on the website .

    About ACTUM

    A platform for online and offline competitions in solving technological problems of companies and selecting projects and personnel for them based on the rating and the achievements of its participants. The company's mission is the digital transformation of additional education, corporate sector and national economy. More information about the company and upcoming events - on the website .

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