Work environment for SMM specialist

    The work of an SMM specialist requires high stress resistance, the ability to quickly make decisions, respond quickly to information, be equally loyal to all responses and get out of any situation. We recommend that you study them and answer the question whether you are ready for such work.

    Employment specialists do not recommend accepting SMM - manager of people under 20 years of age, explaining this by the immaturity of young people and insufficient experience in business communications. SMM is not just a task of “catching up with likes” and “promoting a group”, it is building competent communication with the client, increasing brand awareness, building loyalty.


    Creating a page on a social network is only a very small part of all the work. Correct Internet communications mean constant monitoring and posting of original messages, development of informational occasions and calculation of financial costs, as well as the effectiveness of such activities.

    A constant presence on social networks can not afford many. One of the most useful features for any social service is auto-posting.
    Once you have configured the placement of messages (and / or) pictures that will be published in your community, as well as the frequency of publication, you can forget about maintaining your page for a while.

    The system below makes community management much easier. This service is very important both for large publics in which you need to constantly keep active, and for beginners promoting communities in order to attract new users with constant updates.

    So, what are the inconveniences in work most often faced by an SMM specialist?

    1. Support for multiple accounts, if there are many social networks and / or customers

    Suppose you have one group for your company on Vkontakte, one on Facebook and another Twitter account. Keeping three tabs open in the browser with these social networks throughout the day is not the biggest problem. But still, if you post the same information in all three profiles, it is better to automate this process.

    If you are an SMM specialist with experience and support a large number of accounts, then during the day you have to constantly “log in” from one account to another, go into your “wards” groups and post to them, and also respond to numerous ( hopefully) user comments. Exit constantly from one page and go into another is very inconvenient and takes a lot of time.

    2. The need to be online at certain times, including non-working hours, for posts to be scheduled


    In resolving these issues, a service will be useful that allows you to support multiple accounts at the same time and provides the functionality of cross- and delayed posting.
    Only a few years ago there were very few such services, and even they had one serious drawback - they did not support the most popular networks in Russia. The reason is simple - overseas developers created them for their market, and not for ours. Now similar services have begun to appear Russian counterparts. The principle of operation is approximately the same for everyone. The only differences are how many social networks this tool supports and whether there are additional chips.

    Metrics in SMM

    A very important point is determining the metrics for the success of your activity. Any action can be estimated and counted. How effective the involvement in groups is shown by the statistics of advertising campaigns. How good and useful the content is the growth of the group. The level of involvement in the group will help assess the work of the community manager. How many clicks were to the site, Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica will show with correctly configured goals and marked links. Make a list in advance of those metrics that will be measured, and follow them from day one.

    Direct and indirect indicators of social media performance

    The direct ones include:
    • monthly growth, which shows the number of new members of the group or new subscribers, as well as the degree of their interest in the brand and content;
    • involvement, which can be calculated as the percentage of users participating in the life of the page to the total number of signatories;
    • the number of unique group visitors shows the number of group views by new users who have not previously interacted with the brand pages. The higher the number, the higher the quality of engagement and the quality of the content.

    Indirect ones usually include the number of users who came to the site from a social network. These indicators characterize the social network as a source of attracting users to the site. This source must be evaluated by the following parameters:
    • total number of users who came to the site from this channel;
    • the time spent on the site by such a user;
    • number of pages viewed;
    • duration of visit;
    • bounce rate
    • percentage of new users.

    The time on the site, the number of pages viewed, the duration of the visit should be no less than the average indicators for the site.
    • The number of users who contacted you in an offline representation for a promotion held on a social network. It is necessary to take into account the absolute performance of such shares, for example, using promo codes.
    • The growth of positive mentions on the Internet about the brand, the decrease in negative mentions, the overall increase in the number of mentions of the brand name on the Internet. This indicator needs to be assessed using regular Internet monitoring and tracking absolute indicators for reporting periods.

    Control measurements of all counters should be carried out once a month, it is better for the month.

    Here are perhaps the main recommendations for those who want to start a systematic and systematic work on social networks, but don’t know where to start.

    Of course, in one article it is impossible to talk about all the nuances. But I hope that by paying attention to important key points, you will not make typical mistakes, and the service below will try to help you in your work.


    Administrators of groups and public pages on social networks often prefer to use systems in which you can specify in advance the time of the post. Marketers are familiar with various Western systems like HootSuite, which provide a free opportunity to do this, but they don’t have the ability to publish VKontakte.

    The task of monitoring social networks today faces any brand. Using social media, you can find out the most complete information about the audience of a product or service, its opinion on the work of the company. We bring to your attention a system that performs such monitoring.

    This service is useful to those who promote communities in the Russian-language segment.

    What is is a service for deferred and cross-hosting VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Odnoklassniki, MoyMir.

    Delayed publications - this is when you plan to post in any service, set the publication time and go to rest, and the service will post these publications at the exact time you specify.

    The service is easy to handle. It makes no sense to describe the registration process, so I’ll talk about the interface and features of the service in more detail.

    In order to start working with the system, create a project, and then go to the step that allows you to add social platform accounts to the service. Enter the name of the project, and then click the add button.


    In the next step, you can add the necessary social network accounts and also specify groups and communities for cross-sharing. The following platforms are currently available for placement: VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Odnoklassniki, MoyMir, Instagram.


    In the status column, click on the phrase “Not Connected” in order to go to the connection tab.


    I think it does not make sense to describe the token authorization process for you, since quite resourceful users are collected on this resource. After all the desired sites are connected in your current project, go to the “Records” section.

    In this working field, you need to create a post and also add an image.
    Just below the functionality of the service allows you to qualitatively shorten the link. Next, you need to select the site on which your post will be placed, highlighting the relevant items.


    In addition to cross-hosting, you can use the postponed posting service. You only need to set the time and date, after which you can be sure that PRPilot will place everything strictly at the specified time in the necessary networks.


    Users of absolutely any social platforms will leave comments not in your main account, but in the blog they went to, so it is very important to follow all the sites and maintain communication on each, otherwise there will be no sense in such a broadcast.


    To simplify this task, the service has monitoring of all connected social sites in one window. Using this service, more than one comment will not remain unnoticed by you.

    Detailed statistics and parameters of your subscribers is a useful addition to everything written above.

    The service is free, which makes it the most demanded in comparison with similar systems providing similar services, but debiting funds.

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