Friday webinars from Skillbox: everything for novice developers

    Webinars are a good way to get information and experience outside the school. All you need to view and listen to is a laptop, a mobile device and, probably, a notebook for recording interesting abstracts. We hope that you have all this, because it is time to publish a new selection from Skillbox. Today, everything is for developers.

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    Which programming language to choose

    Badoo's lead software engineer Mikhail Ovchinnikov talks about how and what language to choose to build a developer’s career. In addition, he talks about choosing a direction in IT - from igrostroy to AI - and suggests how to develop and build a career.

    How to become a Java developer

    Daniil Pilipenko, a professional developer and director of SymbioWay, shares his thoughts and personal experience on how to become a Java programmer.

    The webinar tells about the syntax of the language and the practice of developing Java-programs with a discussion of possible errors, and in parallel with this - about the components of developer professionalism and the key elements that make up the Java-developer's path from novice to pro.
    Practical course "Profession Java-developer"

    How to program in python

    Vadim Shandrinov, programmer-tutor at the University Skillbox, tells how to work with Python, not forgetting about the potential of the Python-developer in the labor market.

    In the process, you do practical work by creating your first product in Python.
    Online course "Python-developer from scratch"

    How to develop an application for iOS

    Nikita Arkhipov, CEO of Anvics, tells and shows how an application is being developed for iOS. The central part of the webinar is the creation of an online ToDo application. Explaining how to do this, Nikita talks about the principles of working with Swift and Xcode, gives an idea of ​​how to associate the interface with the code, and learns to display data and process user actions.
    Practical course "Mobile Developer PRO"

    Life hacking for novice programmers

    Director of Beta Digital Production Gleb Mikheev shares life hacking for novice programmers. He collected them personally during his work. Among other useful things are considered:

    • The path of the programmer - what is it?
    • Personal qualities of a developer that a good specialist should possess.
    • Details about the work and life of the Frontend Developer digital-agency of Moscow.
    • Debunking the myths about the closedness of programmers.
    • What you need to become a good coder.

    Online course "Profession Web Developer"

    By the way, if you watch our webinars, we will be grateful for your opinion on which topics should be presented more deeply, publishing more webinars on them, and which ones can be mentioned less often.

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