Red cat tells about Renault

    The campaign tagline is “Renault Scenic Conquest. Particularly bright person ”, and a bright, energetic site perfectly matches the concept . The new car is advertised not only on the Internet, but also in the press, outdoor advertising and FlyCards.

    The site used a large number of 3D-graphics and animations. While this is rather atypical for Runet, although foreign automakers have long been actively using these tools on their sites (MediaRevolution.Ru has repeatedly emphasized this). The main character of the Scenic Conquest website is a three-dimensional red cat that accompanies visitors throughout the virtual tour. The authors of the campaign emphasize that with this character Renault personalizes communication with visitors to the site.

    The car’s animated website was launched on October 15, 2007. In less than a day from the moment the site was launched, more than 7,000 people visited it, which became an absolute record for Renault websites.

    The main audience of the car is supposed to be young socially active women. Therefore, the Karat media agency offered platforms primarily targeted at women for Scenic Conquest banners: (mailboxes belonging to women; sections "Lady", "Poster" and "TV"), ICQ, (headings Horoscopes, Dating), women's portals, and, as well as the ticket portal

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