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    Card locked
    The process becomes a zombie. You can't kill zombie.

    The story is about how Megafon Personal Account writes off money from a "blocked" card and how their support works.

    To begin with a brief description of the situation:

    • For some reason, the map attached to the Personal Account is displayed as "blocked". There is no opportunity to do something with it (see the screenshot above).
    • Auto Payment Management is not available. "No associated cards.".
    • Autopayment at the same time worked at least once.
    • Support is not only completely unprepared to solve this problem in any way, but it cannot even register an application on my appeals!

    So, the chronology of events.

    11.09.2018 00:15

    SMS comes that the tariff has been changed for me, and the new one is 1.5 times more expensive than the old one. Himself to blame, previously sent a notice and offered to choose yourself, I just forgot. You have to go into your personal account and pick up something adequate to my needs. Switching to another tariff costs some money and after a while Autopay is triggered:Autopayment has been activated

    Exactly, at the new tariff, another amount of the monthly payment must be corrected! And here a surprise awaits me:

    Auto payments are not available

    I am very surprised, I go to the section of the attached cards and see the very zombie card (of course, I closed the number (:):

    Card locked

    It is getting more and more wonderful: autopayment works, but I can't manage it!
    Moreover, I can not untie the card, no buttons in the interface!

    The card, of course, is not blocked, which is confirmed by successful transactions during the same day and even, yes, the call to support the bank. Since not so long ago my card expired and I changed it, I decided to try to simply reattach it. The result is not very surprising:

    The card is already attached
    Very affordable, yeah

    At this point, I decide to contact tech support.

    11.09.2018 00:43

    The first surprise was that through the chat I was met by “Virtual Assistant Elena”, who was clearly not ready for non-standard questions. So the only way out was the bell. Then Elena greeted me again, but fortunately, I was already sufficiently encouraged to persuade her to connect with a live operator.

    Magic words

    Switch to operator

    What was my surprise when the girl operator was no more useful than a bot! All that was achieved was "If you have a problem with your Personal Account , please send a screenshot via the feedback form." Okay, let's say, although such a screenshot clearly does not help in finding a problem, but at least it will be the starting point for communicating with technical support. I send the picture and get this answer:

    Answer about the receipt of the application

    Does it seem to me or is something missing here? For example, application numbers or at least some identifier to track the solution to a problem? Nevertheless, I decide to wait a bit, all of a sudden the problem will be eliminated.

    11.09.2018 20:20

    In the evening, nothing has changed, I call again in support. The waiting time of the operator has grown to ~ 25 minutes, it seems that the problem may not be just me alone! Unfortunately, communication with the operator brings nothing new, only the promise to register an application. We continue to wait ...

    09/13/2018 10:07

    Another call to support, waiting time is ~ 15 minutes, but the result is the same, no attempts to realize the problem on the part of the operator and the promise to fix the appeal. By the way, according to the operator, no previous references were displayed!

    09/14/2018 08:14

    Already becoming a tradition morning call to support. Suddenly, this time at least they acknowledge the existence of problems with the Personal Account and, for the umpteenth time, they offer to fix the application in order to solve the problem "in priority order". By the way, they also suggested trying to disable Autopayments via SMS, but, of course, it did not work. At this time, after the call, an SMS comes in and confirms the application:

    Confirmation of the application
    Yes, the message came exactly in this form.
    But here again something is missing! Oh yeah, application numbers ! Laugh on the verge of hysterical, curtain!
    By the way, the request for the specified code receives the answer that calls from 13.09 and 14.09 are closed!

    Applications closed


    The technical side of the problem seems quite obvious and trivial: the management of Autopayments does not work, since there are no "valid" linked cards, but the complete lack of the ability to do something with the linked card, if it is "blocked", this is an obvious failure on the part of the developers. In fact, in the end, the card remained hostage to the Megafon Personal Account. In general, here the epic file from the side of developers and QA is obvious.

    But here the complete failure in the organization of the support itself upset more:

    • Support, as I understand it according to the operator, does not have a “second line” as such, and does not see at least some information about the real state of the consideration of the application.
    • Operators through one do not even try to realize what the problem is. Once, having heard that the problem with the binding of the card, they generally switched to the support line of their bank cards.
    • In general, the support system is not ready to solve any customer problems in the Personal Account and only deals with the role of the help system.
      Well, just a bad organization of the system:
    • At the beginning of the call, the robot spends the time of the client, writing to it the balance and asking if he wants to know the details of the tariff.
    • To translate into a live operator, you have to formulate some kind of "correct" question.

    Upd. 09/15/2018 13:34

    After another attempt to send them a letter via the feedback form, I received the same answer from there. Requested passport data, apparently, things still moved from the dead point.

    Upd. 09/16/2018 08:10

    As it turned out after the next call, there is also support number 0500, to which you can write your problem. In response, I was given several USSD codes (you can read about them and the service as a whole here ). The good news is that the codes worked and, like, autopayments were turned off. The bad news is that the map is displayed as attached in the Personal Account .

    Upd. 09.18.2018

    However, a miracle happened! Yesterday Megafon support staff contacted me and promised to transfer the description from the article to the technical department. Honestly, optimism was at a moderate level. But today, logging into My Account , I was pleasantly surprised by the change in the interface: Changes in the card management interface
    By the way, I note that the map is displayed as active, although yesterday they assured me by phone that it was completely untied, yeah

    There was a certain "Edit" button. By pressing we observe the menu, in which the cherished button appeared! Card can be removed
    In the note order: when editing it is not visible which card you are editing, the title with the number disappears

    And finally, the last step on the road to success. Iii ... Yes!Card removed

    And even the confirmation came:


    First, thanks to the Habr community for a very lively reaction and a lot of interesting suggestions both in terms of solving the problem, and in terms of avoiding such cases in the future.
    Secondly, thanks to this lively reaction to the problem, they paid attention to Megafon somewhere and even made quite interesting changes to the Personal Account . I sincerely hope that the right conclusions will be drawn from this case and the approach to the development and testing of the interface will become more responsible.
    And thirdly, once the problem was solved, it means that everything is not hopeless, although it was almost impossible to get through this situation through regular support channels.
    Thanks again to all the active participants in the story!
    The end?

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