The virtual keyboard may soon become real

    Today we are constantly online and practically integrated into the virtual world. Kinnect and Wii allow us to use our entire body physically, and Google Glass and similar products will soon open a completely new world for everyone.

    Also soon, along with these products, a completely unusual virtual keyboard created by researchers from MDH will be released to the market . This new device, using the latest technology, will completely force you to change your worldview at work on a computer or laptop.

    Virtual technology of the future. This device allows you to be available everywhere, even without a mobile phone, tablet or computer. We have already done research and developed the technology, and now we want to continue to develop prototypes. To do this, we need tools, which are often the main problem for research and development.
    says professor emeritus of robotics Lars Asplunda .

    A research project that provides the basis for further development has been ongoing since 2005. In 2013, these studies were completed, and it was established that this technology should have an accessory to create a virtual space. At the moment, such a solution could be Google Glass. The keyboard consists of two bracelets that are placed around the wrist or arm. Through the sensors, it reads the position of the fingers and their movement, therefore, it can set which buttons are pressed, while the user sees the keyboard, for example, in Goggle Glass. Also, these bracelets will function as a computer mouse and, above all, as a gesture control device.

    The keyboard today looks almost the same, and works almost the same as 19th century typewriters. Our virtual keyboard offers a new form of interaction and free hand position, which will reduce the constant tension in the hands.
    says Lars Asplund.

    There are many areas of application of this device, both in business and for private use. It is possible to use it in small rooms, for example during an interview, so that the journalist does not record on the recorder and does not take a laptop or tablet with him. This device is also recommended for those who want to avoid the ergonomic problems that we encounter using a regular keyboard and mouse. Nevertheless, in order to realize all the dreams of creating this keyboard into reality, much more is required.

    This project has great potential and can be completed within a year, but we need another 10-15 million Swedish crowns ($ 1.5-2 million) for design development, production of the first series and launch of the product on the market
    says Lars Asplund.

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