Minimum time - maximum pain

    Before joining the software development industry, I didn’t really understand why applicants should not have a resume and what could be harmful or useful in it. Always perceived this document as a simplified copy of the workbook.

    Now, when the number of resumes processed by me personally has exceeded 5,000, this delusion from the past causes a smile. However, "simplified copies of labor" come across quite often, so I decided to fix the most simple recommendations to applicants. Candidates, in search of information about their future place of work, often find my accounts in the network - this article is especially for you, potential future colleagues.

    So, in order ...

    1. Do not neglect the photo. To paint here what it should be, there is no reason. Whatever you want, and place it, in any case, she will tell about you more than her absence.

    2. Specify the age. You will still have to call him during the interview, or specify him during employment. A recruiter may not ask you about your age, for fear that you will sue him. But believe me, he is needed. At least for comparing the experience of study and work, with your real date of birth.

    • Sadly, people fantasize in resumes as often as in life. Recruiters quickly become accustomed to this and almost always see the discrepancy between the desired and the real. The absence of a date of birth is either complex or an attempt to hide contradictions. And yes, “I do not want to indicate and do not indicate” is also a complex.

    3. The more precisely the terms of work in various projects and organizations will be indicated, the better. Check the numbers carefully and avoid typing errors: participation in the role of a tmlid in a large-scale international project, in the same period when you started studying in the financial and cultural college of the village Secondary Buu, is not that epic fail, but your interest in your career will be diminished.

    4. Especially for highly qualified specialists, versatile, with great experience: it often happens that a resume grows to indecent sizes and there are no exaggerations in it. Just a career is described in detail and accurately, which in itself is wonderful. In this case, do not forget to focus on your core competencies and achievements. Remember: the recruiter on the table can have your profile one hundredth in a day and wade through the years of your life to the most important thing he is looking for - perhaps he doesn’t have enough strength. He fell asleep at midnight, his forehead resting on the monitor, and at 2 o'clock in the morning you come from Ofer startup and you accepted it. And you will never meet again, but you could stir up a new Amazon ...

    5. Indication of reasons for dismissal - aerobatics. Moreover, descriptions do not need much time, there are always four reasons: I want further and higher, the project is completed, the money ran out, I failed. In fact, three, because the fourth is considered "a violation of labor rights, freedoms and legal interests of a citizen." Do not write about failures, but get ready to talk about them in an interview.

    6. The ideal candidate will describe in the section “About himself” his interests, hobbies, achievements, indicate the composition of the family and professional (career) expectations. Sometimes this part of the document becomes the most important and helps the recruiter to make a decision in principle to continue the further conversation. Write to read you.

    7. Do not invent. People involved in hiring at a professional level - psychologists with a unique experience, do not try to play with them in their field. It's like trying to fool a gypsy. First, sin. Secondly, it will not work.

    In general, everything is simple: the less information - the more you force your employer to think out hypotheses and speculate about your person. And it is always the cost of resources, and those costs that do not bring us closer to the result.

    As a well-known Asian fighter said: the minimum of time is the maximum of pain.

    The author drawings - Vladimir Sushkov

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