KolibriOS digest # 4: and spring is not a hindrance to us

    For many reasons (including constant HDoR DDoS), the preparation of the digest for April was delayed, for which I apologize. But it was prepared nevertheless, and now I want to present you the results of the work of our programmers. And there really is something to show.

    Let me remind readers that the icon indicates changes made by GSoC students as part of their assignments. ( Wait for a separate article on students from yogev_ezra in the near future. )

    System-wide changes:

    • utils.obj is a library for working with real numbers, written in Fasm.
    • New color chart for skins.
    • httplib.obj - Added POST support.

    Changes in application software:

    • FSpeed : disk speed testing.
    • Calc + : A calculator that calculates expressions.
    • KCalc : another calculator (unlike the one already in the image, it more conveniently displays the result and has increased accuracy).
    • Notify 3 : a new notification program that replaces the old @notify.
      Differences from @notify
      • Supports multi-line
      • Shared Memory is used to calculate the coordinates of the new notification.
      • Key support
      • Icon support
      • The ability to make the window not closed (close only by click)
      • Ability to make the first line a heading (bold font and white text)
      • External changes (no transparency, round corners, another appearance animation, frame)
      • If the notification does not fit into the screen, then it queues and waits until space is available
    • Pasta : a utility for working with paste.kolibrios.org (our "Pastebin"). If you have a working LAN connection, you can download debug-log to our server directly from Hummingbird, without having to copy it first to a disk / flash drive
    • 8086tiny : port of the 8086tiny emulator . It allows, in particular, to run FreeDOS and MS Windows 3.0.
      A couple of screenshots

      Windows 3.0:
    • MTDBG : output FPU and MMX registers; the ability to debug Java programs compiled by GCC.
    • Forth : rendering optimization and bug fixes.
    • NetStat : bug fixes; new GUI.
    • NetSurf : Eliminate network crashes.


    • KolibriN : beta testing and preparation for the release of KolibriN9.
      It is worth noting that KolibriN is a personal assembly of @Leency , and the rest of the KolibriOS developers are not related to it. Therefore, all the bugs in it should be written personally by @Leency .

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