Traffic # 1-2 - Podcast on Mobile Advertising and Analytics

    Hello! I decided to make a test post specifically for Habr's readers about the new show "Traffic" [from the creators of the show " Metric " and the show " Sound "]. Traffic is a show for those who are developing or have already launched their mobile or Web applications, an online store, a media portal or just a blog and want to learn how to attract customers and monetize the audience using effective advertising tools for their project on mobile devices.

    We start with the basic aspects of mobile advertising - prerequisites, coverage, definitions; and discuss contextual mobile advertising. In the second issue - we delve into the specifics of mobile mobile advertising, we talk about the goals and formats of this type of advertising. We speak simple words about mobile advertising, understanding myths and theory.

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    Links to download audio files: 1 and 2

    We will be glad to take into account your wishes and answer your questions, friends :)

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