Sound Show # 9 - Podcast about audio equipment, components, formats and technologies

    Hello! With you, “Sound Show” is a podcast for those who like to live, work, relax and move around, listening to their favorite music, podcasts or audio books at home, at work, on the subway or other means of transport. We speak in simple words about audio technology and help you get acquainted with the world of devices and technologies.

    In the 9th issue, together with Timofei Shikolenkov ( timshick ), we answer your questions about the acoustic preparation of home rooms, talk about bi-wiring and bi-amping, affect listening to 5.1 music and once again mention the difference between a sound card and an external DAC.

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    We will be happy to answer your questions, supplemented by a story about your experience in using audio systems, their configuration, tasks or just the conditions in which you would like to listen to your favorite music. We will try to share our opinion and answer you in the next issues. We will be grateful for the feedback in the Russian-language iTunes.

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