NASA-approved children's designer allows you to assemble an existing model of the rover

Original author: Liz Stinson
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In addition to the many tasks and problems daily solved by NASA scientists, one of the most difficult is to convey to the general public an understanding of what scientists generally do in their laboratories. When it comes to space exploration, the flight of Gagarin, the exploration of Mars and the Americans on the Moon come to mind. Educating people, especially children, is an everyday and very difficult task for science. In fact, what can a nine-year-old understand in infrared when he makes Saturn out of papier-mâché?

Concerned with the training of the younger generation, NASA is completely out of place with the New York-based manufacturer of robotic designerscreated the Space Kit. This is a modular constructor that allows you to assemble models of various equipment used for space exploration. Moreover, the models are valid.

The designer is designed to introduce children not only to space research, but also to basic concepts of electronics. The creators of the designer tried to get away from the Hollywood image of space. Instead, they wanted to convey the spirit of the researcher and engineer, to share with children a piece of their enthusiasm for space.

The emphasis in the Space Kit is not so much on creating a model, but on giving children an understanding of how certain components work, how they interact with each other. Also included in the designer is a brochure in which some serious scientific experiments conducted by NASA are described in an accessible form.

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