Browser extensions for GitHub that will increase the productivity of your work

    Now GitHub is the most popular service among developers for collaborative software development and hosting source code in the cloud. It is used by both independent developers who have 1-2 applications in the portfolio, and technology giants, including Microsoft, Google and Facebook, which have thousands of projects.

    Actually, there is no sense in telling Habré what GitHub is; This post is dedicated to its browser extensions that allow you to increase the speed and productivity of work. Generally speaking, there are a lot of extensions of these, so we chose those that we use in our work ourselves or which were recommended by colleagues.

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    Many people know about this expansion, but, unfortunately, not all. And it performs an important function - it allows you to view the source code in the form of a tree. The code is displayed on the left side of the page.

    New navigation is much more convenient than the standard one; no one complains about the speed of the expansion either. Octotree will be especially useful if you study a large-scale project with a large number of nested directories. To get the metadata used GitHub API.

    Private repositories are also supported ( instructions for use are here ). GitHub Enterprise is also supported.

    Versions for Chrome , Firefox , Opera .

    Awesome autocomplete for github

    Introduces an instant search function into a GitHub search block. According to the developers, works with more than 15 million repositories (open). Expansion is useful because it allows you to save time and quickly find what you need.

    Versions for Firefox , Chrome , Safari .

    Github dashboard

    Desbord allows you to filter events in the activity panel. Some of them can be hidden, some can be shown. Everything is simple and very effective. Chrome

    version , manual download .


    And this extension helps to understand the different parts of the code, and also shows other examples similar to the one indicated initially. It works, by the way, also with Phabricator. If you have a lot of code, this is one of the most effective tools.

    Version for Chrome and for Firefox .


    Provides fast navigation through the code by turning code elements (for example, include, require or import) into clickable links. Follow this link to find the source. Depending on the programming language, the extension shows the source file or transfers the user to an external site (for example, to the help page). Items that are converted into a link are marked with pink dots, so that you can immediately see where there is an interactive link.

    Version for Chrome , Firefox , Opera .

    Github repo size

    A convenient and simple plugin that displays both the size of a separate repository and the individual size of files in it.

    Works only with Chrome .

    Refined github

    Another very useful extension that simplifies the Github interface and adds a lot of useful features: for example, displays recently published branches, allows you to work with requests in a new way and shows avatars of users who have responded to comments.

    Version for Chrome and Firefox .

    Github npm stats

    Actually, here everything is already clear from the name - the plugin shows the npm download statistics. Chrome

    version . In addition to these extensions, there are others, they are quite a lot . Among others we can recommend:

    • GitHub Isometric Contributions - calculates the contribution to the project of various developers and visualizes this information in the form of pixel-art graphics;
    • Github NPM Hub - helps to study the npm dependencies in the GitHub repositories;
    • GitHub Linker - links the dependencies in a package or bower file with the GitHub pages of these elements.

    In general, GitHub itself is improving and modernizing over time, plus third-party developers add additional tools that allow you to work with the service faster and more efficiently. This opportunity should not be missed, because time is never enough. Enjoy
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