Google’s Universal Analytics has left Beta and is available on Funding.To

    Given that Funding .to is primarily a tool that is designed for projects promoted on third-party resources, the effectiveness of its use depends on the quality of project promotion on the network. Based on this, we tried to provide our clients with all the necessary tools so that they can receive information that will help develop tactics and strategies for promoting the project on the network. One of these tools was the ability to connect commenting modules.. In addition, we decided to provide our users with the ability to connect statistical systems such as Google Analytics and Yandex Metric, especially since on April 2, Google announced that their universal analytics was leaving beta mode and becoming a full-fledged tool.

    A little background

    On October 29, 2012, Google announced the launch of what they called the "rethinking of Google Analytics." The task was to create a flexible and universal tool that can be fully used by any site. In particular, the needs of analyzing user data depending on the devices that they use to interact with the site, as well as the need for a simple adaptation of a statistical tool for any type of activity, were taken into account. The result is a truly universal solution .

    Focus on user data analysis

    imageExiting beta means that all the tools will be available in the product, including remarketing lists , demographic reports, and interest category reports . A user identification system is also integrated , now a visit to your site by the same user from different devices will not be perceived as a visit by two different users. This will allow not only to obtain more reliable statistics, but also to track statistics of user interactions with your site through various devices.

    In addition, Google claims that the new tool supports the Premium service level agreement, which means that all owners of premium accounts that switch to using Universal Analytics will retain their advantages.

    Timely data

    The ability to configure the time zone allows you to receive data from Google Analytics more timely than the situation when all reports were generated according to Pacific time.

    Library Code Update

    Now, two fields have been added to the Google Analytics account: IP address and User Agent. In addition, Google announces the need to update the tracking code by replacing the library with a statistics transfer protocol . Google also warns that after integrating old reports and new data, there may be some deviations in statistics that will even out over time.

    According to the developers, in the future, Universal Analytics will be the only standard analytics. The transition will be carried out in several stages, detailed information about which is presented here . In addition, the link provides information on the process of updating libraries.

    You can read more about Universal Analytics here .

    Funding.To keeps up with the times

    Our tool allows you to quickly connect statistical services from Google and Yandex to the page of your project to raise funds. You don’t need to worry about updating libraries and other processes of transition to new standards of Google, we will give you access to the latest analytics tools. The PAYSTO Support Center has detailed instructions that will help to carry out this operation even for those who have absolutely no experience in this field. You will have at your disposal the full functionality of analytical tools that provide the largest search engines.

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