DevCon 2014: announcement of the second wave of speakers and reports

    Hello, dear software developers and testers. We continue to work on our DevCon 2014 conference and today we are ready to present the announcement of the second wave of speakers and reports of our most interesting , resort and international conference.

    Let me remind you that in the framework of the conference we plan to break all the reports into several thematic groups:

    • Development of client applications for the Windows platform and Windows Phone
    • Cloud Computing and Web
    • Tools, development methodologies and programming languages
    • Corporate development, data processing
    • Virtual international track combining reports in English

    Today we present you the second portion of reports and speakers for each of these groups.

    Development of client applications for the Windows platform and Windows Phone

    One of the largest groups of conference reports is a group devoted to the development of client and mobile applications on the Windows and Windows Phone platforms.

    Andrey Beshkov

    Microsoft Company, Chief Information Security Program. He works in the IT sector since the mid 90's. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was engaged in building the infrastructure of data centers and implementing OSS / BSS systems in a number of the largest Russian organizations, such as Megafon, Svyazinvest, Rosatom, and Russian Post. Currently, he is responsible for the work of the information security program at Microsoft in the CIS countries. In addition, he advises and helps implement security systems, virtualization, cloud computing technologies in VimpelCom, Sberbank and other companies. Presentations : Developing secure applications.

    • With each new version of the OS, Microsoft adds new security mechanisms such as DEP, SEHOP, ASLR. Attackers also do not stand still. They understand that attacking the OS is becoming increasingly difficult, so they focus their attacks on applications. Let's see how to create threat models and predict the next steps for attackers. How to develop applications to reliably protect them and provide security and privacy protection to your customers.

    Mikhail Bondarevsky

    Microsoft, Architect.

    He works at Microsoft Technology Center, specializing in the development of enterprise systems architecture. His areas of interest include developing corporate mobile applications for Windows 8, business applications for Office and SharePoint.

    Presentations :

    Creating Enterprise Applications for Windows 8.1 Usage Scenarios and Benefits.
    • The report is devoted to a detailed analysis of the advantages and scenarios of using the Windows 8.1 platform for enterprise applications. The report will consider several examples of applications, their shortcomings and ways to improve them.

    Jeff Burtoft

    Microsoft, Web Technology Evangelist.

    Jeff is an evangelist at Microsoft and a big fan of JavaScript / HTML5 technology. He loves web standards, javascript and 80s of skateboards. In addition to this, Jeff is a co-author of the book HTML5 Hacks (O'Relly Media) and one of the first bloggers on Jeff lives in North Texas with his wife and three children.

    Presentations :

    Creation of mobile applications for web developers.
    • Many developers wonder why they should create mobile applications when they can use web applications on mobile devices. In this report, you will learn about the benefits of applications on mobile devices, key features for developers, get acquainted with new web standards and learn about building cross-platform mobile applications on web technologies that you know and love.

    Vladimir Kolesnikov

    Microsoft, Team Leader of Technical Experts.

    He has been working in the IT sector for over 12 years. Until 2007, developed various categories of applications in C ++. After the transition, Microsoft spent three years implementing large-scale information systems for corporate customers of the Russian division, and then helped mobile application developers sort out the new Microsoft platform. Since 2013, he has been working at Microsoft headquarters on the development of the Windows graphical stack, multi-platform development and gaming middleware.

    Presentations :
    Integration of applications and services with Personal Digital Assistant (Cortana) on Windows Phone 8.1.
    • From the report you will learn how to use voice control and the Cortana service to work with your application, as well as integrate it into search results on Windows Phone.

    Porting Mobile C ++ Applications to Windows Runtime - Libraries, Tools, and Features
    • The report reviews existing libraries and tools for porting applications to Windows Runtime. You will learn about working in Windows Runtime with OpenGL ES, Cocos2d-x, Cinder, OpenCV, libcurl, and other libraries and tools.

    Cloud Computing and Web

    DevCon 2014 will feature a host of lectures on web development and cloud technology.

    Evgeny Agafonov

    ABBYY, Head of Lingvo Web Development Group

    Education: Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, Department of Chemistry. He has been with ABBYY since 2004. He currently leads the development of Lingvo online services. From 2005 to the present - Microsoft MVP in the competence of ASP.NET. Included in the website development team .

    Reports :

    Experience in developing a monitoring service for exam preparation for Windows Azure.
    • The report will detail the system architecture and Azure services, which were not replaceable for this system. Of course, we’ll also talk about what problems were encountered during the trial operation of the system and the selected approaches to solving these problems.

    Sandrino Di Mattia

    RealDolmen, technical consultant.

    Sandrino Di Mattia focuses on Microsoft Azure technologies and integration projects (Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint). You can find more information about it on the blog at:

    Reports :

    Microsoft Azure Resilient Websites.
    • Resiliency design is an important consideration when building cloud applications. Microsoft Azure creates the conditions for an easier solution to this problem thanks to such features as a traffic manager, CDN, data warehouses with geo-redundancy. This report will talk about how to use these tools to ensure fault tolerance even if some parts of the solution are partially disabled.

    Stas Kondratiev

    Microsoft, Architect.

    Leading architect of the Sochi 2014 web project on Windows Azure. Microsoft solutions architect with over 10 years experience in developing application software with a focus on building distributed and scalable systems.

    Presentations :

    Under the hood: the scalable and highly loaded website of the Sochi Games 2014 on Microsoft Azure.
    • Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games were undoubtedly the most important sporting event of 2014. The official website of the Games has become the most popular sports resource in the world during games. We will look behind the scenes and consider its distributed architecture, organically built on Microsoft Azure and able to cope with a dramatically growing, unpredictable, load. Come and learn about the interesting problems that we faced, and how we designed our system in accordance with the high requirements for this class of solutions.

    Georgy Mogelashvili

    CROC Company, Senior Developer.

    George is a technical enthusiast who loves to research and put into practice various technologies and programming languages. The object of one of such studies was once the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, after which this hobby developed into professional use. Now George is Microsoft MVP and makes presentations and blogs about cloud technologies for developers. He is the author of a course at Microsoft Virtual Academy on Microsoft Azure Mobile Services, his own course on the basics of the C # language for beginners, video tutorials and webinars on various technical topics. He loves Georgian cuisine, Georgian wine, travel, his wife and cat.

    Reports :

    .NET Cloud API - fast, free, no SMS.
    • From this report, you will learn how to deploy a full RESTful API in the cloud in half an hour, make friends with its .NET code and work with data from virtually any device without paying a dime

    George Trifonov

    Microsoft, Senior Engineer.

    He started programming in 1998 with web applications using Perl, Perl Script, Microsoft J ++. He graduated from MGSU with a degree in ACS in 2002.
    Until 2005, he worked in Russian companies as a programmer, mainly specializing in .NET-based web solutions. In 2005 he moved to the United States and in 2007 he moved to Microsoft Redmond. He spent 4 years developing the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem (now called Bing Ads). For the past 3 years, I’ve been working on the REST API and SDK of the Azure Media Services platform.

    Presentations :

    Development of cross-platform applications for online broadcasting and video processing
    • This session will demonstrate by example how to use the Azure Media Services API to implement live broadcasting on various mobile platforms, as well as to store and protect video material.

    Vladimir Yunev

    Microsoft, Strategic Technology Expert.

    Microsoft Strategic Technology Expert, Certified Application Developer with over 12 years of experience. He is responsible for the application of cloud technologies in web applications, services and mobile clients at Microsoft. A regular participant and organizer of many Russian IT conferences, the author of a book on the development of web applications on the ASP.NET platform. In the developer community, he is known as XaocCPS .

    Presentations :

    Latest Windows Azure Services to Help Make Your Applications
    • In this report, you can learn about the latest innovations in the Windows Azure cloud platform to ensure reliable, productive and secure operation of your applications. As part of the report, you will get to know and learn about the capabilities of numerous platform services and will be able to see their advantages through a series of live demos. The report is aimed at web developers, developers of mobile applications and enterprise solutions.

    Tools, development methodologies and programming languages

    One of the most important topics of the DevCon 2014 conference is the topic of the effective use of application development tools, team development and programming languages.

    Dmitry Andreev

    Microsoft, an expert in the development of information systems.

    Expert in the development of information systems. Certified Microsoft Solution Developer (MCSD). Since 2004, he has been working at Microsoft, interacting with an audience of developers, with the main goal of improving the quality of developed solutions based on Microsoft technologies and developing the IT community.
    His main technological interests include organizing software development processes, architecture of information systems and managing IT projects, developing games and applications with intensive graphics. Supporter of practical and flexible methodologies for solving the problems of organizing development processes.


    How to improve the quality of code using static and architectural analysis.
    • Инструментарий Visual Studio 2013 включает множество возможностей, которые позволяют улучшать качество разрабатываемого кода и архитектуры приложения в целом. Статический анализ, диаграммы UML с синхронизацией кода, автоматическая проверка приложения на соответствие архитектуре слоев, Code Lens и другие инструменты позволяют достигнуть базового порога качества. В докладе будет рассказано об этих возможностях, а также о расширении статического анализатора и инструментария IntelliSence c помощью технологии «Roslyn».

    Максим Гольдин

    Microsoft, Senior Developer, Visual Studio Diagnostics

    In the industry since 1995. He began his career at Intel, where for 8 years he specialized in developing technologies for simulating the operation of modern microprocessor devices (both functional and performance). In 2003, Maxim joined the Visual Studio profiling tool developers group at Microsoft and continues to work on this team to this day. For 11 years at Microsoft, he has been directly involved in the release of all versions of Visual Studio since Visual Studio 2005. He is currently working in the Visual Studio Diagnostics Department on the next version of the product, while he also oversees the performance issues of code created in the department.

    Papers :

    • Отладка и профилирование приложений Windows Store и Windows Phone с помощью новейших инструментов Visual Studio

    Владимир Гусаров

    Dell, Director of R&D of the Moscow branch.

    Engaged in industrial software development for more than 20 years. He started as an ordinary programmer, and over time became more and more involved in the development management. He took part in the development of various products on an industrial basis at all phases - from collecting requirements to release and support. Vladimir worked on projects for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Compaq and HP. He currently runs the Moscow Dell development office.
    Since 2010, Vladimir has been Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) nomination, and since 2011 he joined the ALM Rangers team.

    Papers :

    Quality management in the industrial development of software products.
    • In today's world of fierce competition and demanding end users, quality products win. We’ll talk about how to ensure the high quality of the product being developed at an early stage, what metrics and tools to use to control how to organize the work of the product team, and what tools will help reduce overhead costs and simplify the lives of developers and testers.

    Corporate development, data processing

    During the DevCon 2014 conference, a number of reports will be specially devoted to the topic of corporate development and efficient data processing using the latest Microsoft tools.

    Nikita Klychnikov

    ADV / web-engineering company, Head of .NET \ SharePoint department.

    He has been developing web solutions based on Microsoft technologies for more than eight years; since 2009, he has concentrated on the SharePoint platform and enterprise solutions development. He currently manages the SharePoint department in ADV / web-engineering, one of the largest Russian companies in the web development market. Under the leadership of Nikita, both intranet portals and highly loaded public portals on SharePoint were created for companies such as VTB24, Probusinessbank, Leroy Merlin, Kaspersky Lab and others.


    Creating and configuring intranet solutions based on Office 365
    • В рамках доклада будет рассказано, какие компоненты и модули типичного интранета могут быть востребованы на платформе О365. Будут затронуты следующие модули: организационная структура, телефонный справочник, новостные сервисы. Поговорим о нюансах, которые необходимо учитывать при построении облачных решений, и о возможных преимуществах построения решений на базе Office 365, а также покажем, как настроить единую точку общего входа (Single Sign On) под учетными записями организаций.

    До встречи на DevCon 2014!

    We are working hard to make the next DevCon 2014 even better than the previous ones. Our team is preparing an excellent technical and entertaining program for you. We chose the perfect venue for the conference. And in the list of our speakers the most interesting experts with unique experience and content have already been announced. And he will be replenished weekly with new faces, so stay tuned!

    See you at DevCon 2014 - the first international - in May this year!

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