Peskov: Roscomnadzor requirements for Facebook are not super complex

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Today, the network published a statement by Russian Presidential Special Representative for Digital Development Dmitry Peskov regarding the requirements of Roskomnadzor to the Facebook social network. According to the official, these requirements are not unique and highly complex, as RBC writes .

“There is nothing supercomplex to implement these requirements. The requirements of Roskomnadzor are by no means unique, this is a relatively standard practice in world markets, ”said Dmitry Peskov. He also added that there are similar requirements in Europe, in Asia and some other regions.

Compliance with national legislation, as reported Peskov, there is the issue of "systematic work." He believes that Facebook has a great desire to develop in Russia, and representatives of the social network are engaged in an active dialogue with the authorities. Peskov expressed confidence that Facebook could find the “right approaches” that would enable the company to fulfill the requirements of Russian legislation.

As for the risk assessment of blocking the social network, according to Peskov, he is not in a position to be responsible for the authority of Roskomnadzor.

As for the situation itself, it began to actively the end of September 2017. Then the head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, said that the agency plans to block the social network Facebook in Russia if the company does not comply with the Russian law on the localization of personal data.

The law provides that companies operating in Russia must ensure the storage and recording of personal data of Russians using physical databases located in Russia. In November, the company agreed to meet with representatives of Roskomnadzor.

In April, Zharov announced that before the end of this year Roskomnadzor will check Facebook for the enforcement of Russian legislation. If the company is unable to fulfill its requirements, then the question of blocking the social network will be raised.

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