Perfeo 1019-IPS - budget wagon

    Today we have a review of the tablet Perfeo 1019-IPS. Honestly, before he fell into my hands, I did not know anything about this brand. The Vososervice concern sells the tablet, and, of course, it produces China.

    A cursory examination of its characteristics, together with its price, seemed quite interesting to me, and I decided to get to know it better. So, today we have a budget tablet, which is positioned as universal.


    imageScreen: 10.1 ”, 1280x800 px, HD, IPS
    imageProcessor: MT8389 (Cortex-A7, 1.2 GHz, 4 cores) Video accelerator
    image: PowerVR SGX544
    imageOperating system: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
    imageRAM: 1 GB
    imageUser memory: 8 GB + MicroSD slot
    imageCamera: front - 0.3 MP, back - 5 MP
    imageCommunication: 2 SIM cards (GSM / GPRS / EDGE + UMTS / HSPA +)
    imageOptional: GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    imageBattery: 6500 mAh
    imageDimensions: 245x175x10.2 mm
    imageWeight: 598 grams


    The tablet comes in a high-quality tight box. For some reason, such a box is associated with board games for me. The printing is of high quality, the density of the cardboard allows the tablet to survive even sending it by Russian mail :)

    On the sides of the box we will find a fascinating list of characteristics and awards of devices of this brand ... And on the back of the box are detailed characteristics of our tablet.

    Inside we see - OTG cable, microUSB cable, charging 5V 2A, warranty and instructions. You can’t name a complete set rich, but there is everything you need.

    By the way, since the tablet is powered by 5V, the distinctive feature is the ability to charge from USB. But since 2A is required for normal charging, USB charging is very slow, it is recommended to turn off the device for normal charging.


    Externally, the device looks very compact. Compared to classic tablets, this is achieved due to the thinner bezels around the screen and a widescreen 16:10 screen. Classic front view for tablets. There are no hardware buttons on the front panel. The screen looks like glass. Of the minuses - it collects all fingerprints and glares a little.

    The case is made pretty high quality: no creaks, no gaps. For two weeks of operation, the back surface has no scratches and scuffs. Fingerprints on the back surface are subtle and can be easily removed. By the way, the tablet is quite thin - 10 mm.

    There is a front camera and proximity sensor.

    The reverse side of the tablet is made of aluminum, with the exception of the plastic insert on top, we will talk about it a little later. There can be two colors - a dark indigo (judging by the inscription on the box - titanium, our case) or silver. The top of the plastic insert is decorated with a 5 MP camera and a flash under it. In the center is the inscription “Perfeo”, model, link to the site and serial number. Left and right are stereo speakers. The side faces of the tablet have a bevel towards the screen, it is quite convenient. In particular, when installed in the car holder, the bevel prevents the holder from pressing the buttons. In addition, the tablet has 2 stereo speakers, they sound pretty loud and do not wheeze at maximum.

    On the right side of the tablet are the hardware volume buttons and the back button. I still find it difficult to assess how convenient this solution is. In principle, it is duplicated by on-screen buttons, but if you need another button here, then after obtaining root rights, you can reassign it to the camera or to the home button with specialized software (it doesn’t come in the kit). Please note that the buttons are also metal. All buttons and connectors are clearly and catchy marked.

    The left side has only a microphone hole.

    The bottom line is clear. All the most interesting is hidden on the upper edge. On the right side, above the volume buttons, is the power button.

    All the main connectors are hidden at the top left - mini HDMI, microUSB, a standard headphone / headset jack, and a charger connector. The decisions to place the headphone and power sockets next to it seemed to me not very successful - they are easy to confuse.

    Now is the time to return to our plastic insert. The upper face has two recesses, thanks to which it is easily removed.

    And beneath it were 2 connectors for ordinary (mini) SIM cards, a connector for a microSD card. And on the left is the hardware button - reset. In my opinion, a very elegant solution is to hide the cards under the cover.


    The screen on this tablet is an IPS matrix with nice, rich colors. Perhaps someone will think that HD resolution is not enough, but in fact, for this tablet, it is optimal. Do not forget that the tablet is budget and with a higher resolution, slowdowns will begin.

    The screen supports 5 multi-touch.


    I don’t see the point of talking about the front camera of 0.3 MP. Skype only.
    The rear camera is 5 MP. But according to the tablet tradition, it is also weak. For some reason, it’s not customary to put normal cameras on tablets.
    The specificity of this camera is soaping everything that is far away with terrible force. But at the same time, it allows you to take macro photos and re-shoot close objects well. It is possible that this is an unfinished camera firmware.

    Soap example.

    And now let's take a closer look.

    In general, if you need to retake something or talk on skype, there will be enough cameras. But it’s better not to take photos with such a camera - one frustration.


    The tablet uses Android 4.2.2. Typical. No Chinese software. Installed services from Yandex.

    In addition to Yandex, there were also a number of programs: clients of social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, Skype, video player, audio player, PDF readers and something else.
    Also included is a special version of the Navitel Navigator program with a free trial period of 90 days from the date of activation without restriction on maps.
    Out of habit, the first thing I got was root on the tablet (useful for connecting ntfs disks) - you just need to install the Framaroot program. One click and root rights obtained.

    OTG works without surprises. Mice, keyboards worked, I didn’t have a flash drive. I connected the hard drive, at 1 terabyte. Immediately did not start. I had to connect external power to the hard drive and install the free Paragon NTFS & HFS + program (requires root) to access disks with the NTFS file system.

    For external power supply, the hard drive used a 7800 mAh Power Bank from the same company (Perfeo PF-7800). It uses 3 SAMSUNG 18650 batteries. I consider it as a travel power source, it has 2 ports of 1A + each and has a thin-charge wire for tablets. As a result, you can charge both an external hard drive and a 5V powered tablet (such as our client in question) on the road at the same time.

    By the way, I was not too lazy, picked it up (well, who thought of writing on the box a provocative inscription about "inside Samsung" ?! I had to check ...)

    Hmm ... really Samsung.


    Your device has GPS with A-GPS support. It seems that they finally installed a good antenna. I first saw MTK-based GPS catch satellites indoors. True, only 2-4 pieces, but 2-3 meters from the window. By the way, GPS worked out of the box, no traditional shamanism, as for devices directly purchased in China, was required.
    In general, satellites catch well. Included is a test 90 day version of Navitel. 90 days are considered from the moment of activation in the program. To activate and download maps you need the Internet. If you have Internet access, traffic jams are also available. A test trip of 100 km did not reveal problems with GPS, the signal is not lost, the route does not reconstruct itself when driving.
    At the beginning, it seems that the tablet is too big for navigation. But on the other hand, it, mounted down the windshield of a car, does not close important viewing areas (it depends on the height of your landing in a car). Here again, in plus, the tablet format is 16:10, which makes it less high.
    True, the infection flares. But the screen is large, so only a part of the screen glare, there were no problems with this when moving. The sound of the speakers is loud, the music and road noise are blocked.

    I drove without SIM cards, I did not have traffic jams.

    GPS used up to 12 satellites.

    Cellular, voice and data services also work. On one of the SIM-cards (optional) you can activate 3G support. The tablet has a microphone, sound is output to the rear speakers, or there is support for a headset, including wireless. It is possible to record conversations.

    And here are the data transfer results. The first measurement - Wi-Fi in the room, 2 and 3 - Wi-Fi through 2 walls. 4 and 5 - 3G.

    The Wi-Fi signal level (13thHome network) in the room (oh this MGTS - no live from their modems).

    Signal through the wall.

    Bluetooth has been tried on wireless headphones. No problems identified. There is also an FM receiver. Headphones are required for operation.


    Tests showed nothing new, the classic 4-core Chinese. Iron of the average level, however, most modern games will go on it, there will be no problems with watching videos and reading PDF and DjVu.

    Also put several games: Real Racing 3 and Mass Effect.

    In the Real Racing 3 menus, it sometimes slows down slightly; in the race itself, I did not notice the brakes. The accelerometer (G-sensor) works without comment - it’s easy and pleasant to steer.

    I won’t say anything about Mass Effect. Besides the fact that it starts and does not slow down at first. The player from me turned out to be so-so, and I was stuck at the very beginning.


    The tablet uses a battery capacity of 6500mAh. Given the cost-effectiveness of the Cortex A7, this is pretty good.

    For the test, I took the Futurama season with the following TTX (MKV container).

    For playback, the program was used - MX Player. Video was decoded in hardware, audio - in software (AC3 codec is not supported in hardware). Screen brightness - 50%, audio volume 100%, but in headphones.

    According to the results of the working day - 8 hours. 20 minutes. reproduction, the remainder of the charge is 16%. Cellular communication was not used, Wi-Fi was turned on.

    The results of the battery in Antutu tester amounted to 560 points.

    By the way, as I wrote earlier, you can also charge the tablet via microUSB. But within a few hours of charging the included tablet, 15-20% percent was charged.


    The model turned out pretty balanced. Inexpensive solution for a budget universal tablet.
    Nice appearance combined with good features. It is recommended for purchase for everyone except gamers (it’s better to choose more powerful hardware) and those who need accurate GPS (I repeat - for auto navigation and not to get lost in the city, this is enough. But, say, for example, to build accurate cycle tracks and maximum speeds it is better to use a separate GPS).


    imageGood battery
    imageavailability 2 SIM cards with 2G / 3G
    imageOTG, miniHDMI
    imageLow price (7500 rubles)

    imageWeak camera

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