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    To create a simple game module you need quite a bit: a little paper, a pen and your own imagination. For many skilled craftsmen, this is enough for large modules for several gaming days or even whole lines. Despite this, there is a diverse number of different tools that help greatly simplify the work of the Game Wizard and give it the opportunity to focus on the main thing. In this article I tried to collect the most useful programs and online services that make our life easier.

    Card generator.
    Once upon a time many years ago I got a free copy of Fractal World Explorer. Since then, to create global maps, only I use it. It allows you to build a geographical map of the planet, create an atmosphere, calculate rivers. Allows you to edit the created map by changing altitudes, precipitation, temperature, sea level, erosion of winds and rains.
    Convenience and simplicity.
    The necessary settings are present.
    Paid. Explorer is part of the Fractal Mapper package and is a paid program. (However, on the Internet, generous people with extra copies have not yet transferred).
    The results need to be “finished off” with hands, especially rivers. In general, I highly recommend creating a copy of the map before each action, as no return, which is another drawback
    Fractal explorer

    Settlement Map Generator.
    The best solution for generating a settlement map for me was the RPG city map generator.
    An unknown comrade got an excellent program designed to create a map of any settlement, from a village to a big city. The abundance of templates on the one hand and precise settings on the other, allows you to create just the settlement that you need.
    Availability of templates.
    A very wide field for setting up a settlement.
    Disadvantage: Yes, you have to spend a little time on what to figure out.
    City generator

    Dungeon Generator.
    There are quite a few such generators on the network, but I use the most obvious of them:
    Very convenient service with the right amount of settings. Not only creates a map of the dungeon, but also sets traps, secret doors, difficulty levels for their detection (d & d 3 and above) and so on.
    User-friendly interface.
    The presence of useful settings.
    A nice conclusion to the result.
    Disadvantages: The
    service is posted on the site, you can not drag it into your bag.

    Real Name Generator.
    Despite the huge abundance of various name generators, I settled on thisThe service provides a choice of twenty different nationalities, and also gives additional settings when generating Russian names.
    A wide selection of nationalities.
    Simplicity and convenience.
    There is no possibility of generating a stream of names, and, accordingly, output to a file.
    The service is available on the site, you can’t drag it to yourself.

    Fantasy Name Generator.
    There are even more generators of fantasy names than generators of ordinary ones, and everyone will find for himself what he likes best. I liked itGenerates more or less decent names, the normal choice of races, there is a conclusion in a stream of up to 1000 names in a row.
    Output a large list of names in a single thread.
    Not the widest selection of races.

    By the way, I recommend to look at this name generator even if only to create a name for the transformer race. However, a host of other nationalities are also present there.

    With all

    due respect, APD: Information supplemented by habro-users:
    habro- users craimez , tsvetkovpa , Tiendil offered
    following name generators:
    Online services name generators: - a simple generator of Slavic names of surnames and patronymics, allows you to display several in a row. is also a simple but curious fantasy name generator. Allows you to create names from the TES families, also has Latin animal names, which is unexpected. - not many “nationalities” can, but can make names in Cyrillic with a full set of declensions

    AllexIn user has offered a paid program for generating textures, a free program for generating 3D tree models (the link leads to an overview), a free program for creating 3D character models.

    As an alternative, the RPG user proposed the following product: Filter Forge, MaPZone, Substance Designer, .werkkzeug.

    User Firsto suggested using Terragen (the link leads to Wikipedia) to create various backgrounds.

    And user ZatriX added
    1. Campaign Cartographer. Paid, but very good map editor.
    2. Maptool, Tokentool and others like them from Favorite toolkit for action cards and small settlements. The mass of graphic textures is fastened with a couple of clicks. Able to drive online. It’s free.

    for which he, like everyone, thanks too. I hope I have not forgotten anyone.

    With all due respect.

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