How I enrolled in distance education at the Walden magistracy (USA)

    Inspired by posts on Habré and Lifehacker, he decided to remotely obtain a master's degree in computer science. After a long search, the choice fell on the University of Walden, Minnesota, USA.

    The final list of documents that in one form or another had to be provided:

    • Higher education: notarized translation of the diploma and transcription sent by paper from the issuing educational institution.
    • Proof of English: An essay on how I studied English and two letters from managers confirming my English skills.
    • Over 3 years of experience in the IT industry: a letter of recommendation from the place of work and a resume.

    Actually that's all. All processes took a little more than a month, and finally the long-awaited letter:
    Dear Roman Kvasnyj,
    Congratulations! On behalf of Walden University, I am pleased to offer you admission to the MS in Information Technology - Track 1 Software Engineering. This email will serve as your official letter for classes beginning May 5, 2014.

    At the same time, they gave me access to a portal where, for example, you can download a “student card”:

    You can also chat with other students on campus, visit an electronic library, assign meeting with a representative of one of the many student services, and of course go to the academic portal - courses, assignments, grades, schedules - in many ways very similar to Coursera. So far, only one course is available - “Walden University Student Readiness Orientation”.

    The total duration of the program is 20 months, consisting of 10 courses: 4 general and 6 in the specialty (more on the site ).

    General courses:
    • Information Technology in the Organization
    • Computer Networking and Operating Systems
    • Data Modeling and Database Design
    • Principles of programming

    • Advanced software development
    • Principles of Software Engineering
    • Software Systems Engineering and Requirements Management
    • Software Design and Construction
    • Software Quality and Testing
    • Software Engineering Management and Processes

    If you take two courses per semester (4 months), then you can meet two years.

    The total cost, including textbooks, is $ 23,750, monthly payment is possible. Textbooks are paper, send Fedex to the specified address.

    The first course starts on May 5.

    And a nice bonus from Microsoft:
    You have successfully confirmed your academic status. Starting today, you can download Microsoft development tools for free!

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