Windows error messages will be much more informative.

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In many software platforms, error messages are useless for the average user. This also applies to the Windows operating system. Yes, in the search engine you can find the error code and solve the problem, but this is the way for a more or less technically savvy person.

All the rest of the error itself scares, and its description and completely drives the untrained person into a stupor. Some numbers, letters, all this is so incomprehensible that the user does not even undertake to do anything. Now, it seems, Microsoft realized this and decided to change the situation.

Representatives of the corporation have promised that the displayed messages about any problem will be readable for all (or, at least, for the majority). Since the user does not know what “KBxxxxxxx” is (where, instead of “X”, there are numbers), the developers will simply tell in more detail about the reason.

The message will describe the problem itself and suggest a possible solution. For example, if Windows cannot be updated due to some application (or several), then a list of programs that do not allow the operating system to update properly will be displayed in a message box.

At the same time, an action button will be present in the same window, which will guide the user through the process of uninstalling applications that interfere with OS.

If the problem is not in the installed programs, but in something else, then the operating system will also help here - it will show what prevents the update and suggests an action that should solve the problem.

Third-party companies will also be able to provide information about updates that can help in cases of software incompatibility and a specific version of Windows.

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