Mozilla redesigns Firefox: try Firefox 29 beta

    Mozilla has been working on a redesign of its browser for quite some time, and now the first significant results have appeared. You can try the rethought design of the Firefox browser using Firefox 29 beta as an example.

    As far as I can tell, the interface of this browser is now similar to the interface of the Google Chrome browser. Menus, toolbars and tabs now take up less space, and the menu has migrated to the same place where it is located on Chrome.

    As far as one can judge, now there is more useful space, and probably many users will like this idea.

    Among other things, Firefox 29 beta now has a new way to customize the interface: you can use drag and drop for objects such as history, synchronization, and more. In addition, you can drag the icons to the toolbar.

    The Firefox Sync feature still allows you to synchronize browsers on various user machines, including mobile devices. As for the latter, the Firefox Accounts feature has appeared here.

    However, the most notable innovation is still the interface, which will soon become the default for all versions of this browser.

    Beta is available for the Windows, Mac, Linux , and Android platforms .

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