Dorian / Satoshi Nakamoto made an official appeal: “I have nothing to do with Bitcoin”

    Yesterday, the "creator" of Bitcoin, Dorian Nakamoto, made an official appeal, which, according to him, is "the last hope to dissociate from Bitcoin." It is worth recalling that the journalist Newsweek in a March 6 publication claimed the identity of the mysterious creator of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

    According to the journalist, this creator is Dorian Nakamoto, who lives in California, USA, and has all the necessary skills to create a Bitcoin system.

    At the same time, Dorian Nakamoto himself (he had previously changed the name Satoshi to Dorian) denies any involvement in Bitcoin. Nakamoto claims that he heard about cryptocurrency for the first time from a journalist, on the very day when she knocked on the door of his house.

    Among other things, Nakamoto claims that he can program, but knows nothing about cryptography, p2p systems and alternative electronic payment systems. But the creator of Bitcoin must have significant knowledge of all three areas.

    One of the evidence that Dorian Nakamoto is the creator of the cryptocurrency, Newsweek journalist considered a long “gap” in the professional career of Nakamoto. She believed that this “gap” is proof that Dorian Nakamoto did some secret work for the United States, and therefore nothing is known about this period of his career.

    However, Dorian himself says that all this is explained very simply: for a long time he could not find work in his specialty, therefore he worked as a laborer and an assistant teacher.

    In addition, his income has recently fallen sharply, and last year he even had to abandon his network connection. But everyone believes that the creator of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in the literal sense of the word “sits on millions,” because at the very beginning a very large number of bitcoins were mined.

    Nakamoto also asked reporters to respect his right to privacy, and leave him and his family alone. At the end of his appeal, Dorian Nakamoto thanked everyone for their support, both moral and material .

    In general, it seems that Dorian Nakamoto either very well hides his involvement in bitcoins (who will advertise this?), Or he really is not the creator, and journalists will have to run a lot to reveal the real identity of the creator of the cryptocurrency. Of course, if this person exists in reality, and is not a whole team of professionals, as some experts say.

    Via theverge

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