COOLRF: Affordable Thin Buttons for Smart Home

    Recently, we have already introduced our readers to a series of wiring products suitable for the Smart Home. Habr is strong. After the post was published, we had an unexpected acquaintance with a production representative. As a result, the problem of buying suitable springs was instantly solved and an opportunity appeared to take a closer look at the company's products. A lot of photos are waiting for you under the cut.

    A brief introduction to the course for those who first saw our project
    We are developing a complete Smart Home system. The “first swallow” of our system is a DIY dimmer. Here are its main features:
    • Work on the 2.4 GHz radio channel (implementation of ZigBee based on Atmtel BitCloud)
    • Encrypted Connection
    • Installation without changing the standard wiring of an ordinary apartment
    • Low power consumption
    • The familiar appearance of the switches
    • The ability to independently expand both hardware and software functionality

    If you want to join the discussion of the system features, please read all our previous articles and comments on them. Most likely questions after such familiarization will become much less.

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    Spring - “why?” And “how much?”

    Recall the background. Walking around the OBI, we acquired some wonderful thin switches of the LK60 series. After analysis, it turned out that these switches are remarkable not only for their small thickness. Each LK60 circuit breaker has a standard seat for springs, turning “switches” into “buttons”. It remained to find suitable springs and ideal switches for a smart home ready.

    It was not easy. Found a special "Chelyabinsk spring plant" requested 4500 rubles per batch of 100 copies. 45 rubles for a spring with a circuit breaker in the region of 100 rubles would be completely stupid to pay. On the Internet there were options of 15-20 rubles, which was also not the limit of dreams.

    The case helped. An unexpected acquaintance turned into the appearance of a new commodity position with the manufacturer. Exactly those original springs can now be bought here . Only 3 rubles apiece. In addition, we received for our experiments a small set of “exhibits”, which we are going to tell you about today:

    Frames made of natural materials

    First of all, we wanted to feel the beautiful framework. In OBI, their choice was very poor - only the white glass, which we already showed in the previous post. Today we can show photos of all other species.

    Gray granite :

    Light marble :

    Light wood (oak) :

    Dark wood (wenge) :

    Dark glass :

    Anodized aluminum :

    What can be said about this framework? Just that they all look really great and can satisfy a wide variety of wishes. Black glass looks especially beautiful. Everything looks natural, the aluminum frame is really made of a single piece of aluminum, the weight feels great, it's not a dummy.

    Artificial tree

    In addition to natural wooden frames, there are painted frames with an imitation of texture:

    And sockets with the appropriate design: The

    price tags on them are more humane, and the appearance is unusual. Many may like it.

    For dessert

    Choosing components for the order, we came across one very interesting position for the DIY community. It is called simply and nondescript: "A plug with a support . " In fact, this is a good preparation for those who want to embed something of their own into the wall:

    View from the back:

    That is, the “device” consists of a metal part with spacers that secure the front panel in a standard wall box and plastic front panel, in which you can make holes and place everything that you wanted for a long time, but it was not possible. All this is closed with a standard frame and looks pretty decent.

    Other series components

    Everyone who is not lazy can completely "walk" through the components of the series and discover many interesting things there. Type of ethernet sockets and television sockets. These components were of little interest to us, so they did not get into the order. From the title photo you can see that the “Audio Outlet Mechanism” and two more complex components — the motion sensor and dimmer , were still in our hands . We describe the complex components in a separate post “with preparation”, if this is the desire of readers. The audio outlet looks like this from the outside:

    And like this from the inside:

    What is the result?

    As a result, we have a series of electrical components that are good in quality and diverse in appearance, which can be effectively used during the installation of Smart Home. Button switches in products of other manufacturers are a one-time phenomenon. You can find one or two products in a series with such functionality. This is usually a single switch.

    In the LK60 series circuit breakers that can be easily remade with the help of springs, you can get push-button functionality in two- and three-key switches. Competitors do not have such capabilities in principle. Add here the fact of the minimum thickness of the LK60 circuit breakers and get the perfect solution for your smart home experiments.

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