Useful materials for the mobile developer # 44 (March 10-16)

    In the new digest, Nokia webinars for Android developers, the release of iOS 7.1, Amazon and AppStream, Unity and Applifier, Flappy Bot for Flappy Bird and a study of how much an average mobile developer costs in different regions per hour.

    Webinars for developers working with the Nokia X platform

    Webinars in Russian will be hosted by Nokia’s training partner Mikhail Samarin, who previously made detailed guides for her on working with Nokia Imaging SDK tools.

    Apple released iOS 7.1

    Apple has released the next update to the iOS mobile operating system. The update is called iOS 7.1.

    Dalvik vs Xamarin: is Xamarin bad?

    I was inspired to write this article by the opinion that xamarin is something slow, large, takes a long time to load (when compared with native development tools), and you cannot write a project in the style of “write once - run everywhere” like tools like PhoneGap offer.

    Flappy Bot for Flappy Bird

    I drove the bird for about 20 minutes. I couldn’t go further than the 10th tower. Played another ten minutes. Oh, 22 towers - my ceiling. Nerves to hell. And my friend Kirill and I decided to create our own ro-bot. To beat the Chinese tanks, as Ostap said.



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization


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