Why do we need remote presence robots?

    Recently, our company often faces a lack of understanding on the Internet why our Webot robot is needed, how it differs from skype and who will buy it. In my post I will try to briefly explain these issues.
    A remote presence robot is usually a fully human-controlled robot that can have an auxiliary autonomous mode, for example, to automatically return to the place of charging. The main mode of operation of such a robot is human control! Our Webot is still fully human-driven.

    The main task of the remote presence robot is to give a person the opportunity not only to inspect the surrounding space, but also to move around it to create a more complete effect of presence.
    If the robot is used for communication, then using the robot you can communicate with several people at a meeting, as is done at Ashmanov & Partners CJSC. The main advantage over skype in this case is the ability to turn around or drive to the right person without outside help.
    In our opinion, the use of such robots for remote inspection of any places is more promising. With the help of our robot Webot you can ride around a distant exhibition. Such a service was raised by our company at Cebit 2014.
    Recently, we built a service to inspect a luxury hotel through its website . This service allows you to draw attention to the hotel and demonstrates the concept of the hotel’s openness to its customers.
    As readers may notice, all the applications I have described are designed for corporate clients. The price of our robot is high enough for individuals, but we do not count on our business. Our main clients are modern companies interested in creating new services based on robots.
    We have a good video that demonstrates the purpose of the Webot telepresence robot.

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