Deep Learning and OpenVINO Toolkit. Ask an Intel Expert Question

    September is the traditional time for the “Ask an Intel Expert” Category; last time it had a place to be exactly a year ago . And this is not by chance. In September, we return to work after the summer holidays, full of ideas and a desire to learn something new - it means it's time to communicate with people who create this new thing. This time we have on the wire Yuri Gorbachev , the chief architect of Intel OpenVINO Toolkit - a set of libraries, optimization tools and information resources for developing software using machine vision and Deep Learning.
    Yes, it is about Deep Learning and the OpenVINO Toolkit that we will have a conversation. And to make it interesting and informative, send your questions - all that you want to know. Questions are accepteduntil September 16 inclusive. The author of the best question will receive a prize from Intel (the prize is delivered from Moscow within the Russian Federation).

    To begin with, a few autobiographical words about our expert:
    Yuri Gorbachev, at the end of UNN, worked at Intel, as a CTO of the platform division of the company Mera NN, and as a leading engineer in Itseez. After the acquisition of Itseez by Intel, he focused on the optimization of computer vision algorithms and deep learning. Currently he is heading the architectural direction in the OpenVINO product and, in particular, the development of the Intel Deep Learning Inference Engine.

    Deep Learning theme is as limitless as space. In order not to embrace the immense, we have prepared some general topics for discussion with the expert - these are:
    • OpenVINO functionality, why and when to use it;
    • Inference deep networks (including when using OpenVINO);
    • Efficiency of network performance (including when using OpenVINO);
    • Acceleration of network performance (including when using OpenVINO).

    Of course, questions may concern other aspects of this topic. Please just do not delve into the topological abysses - from there we just can not get out.

    We are waiting for your questions to the expert in the comments to this post or saul's personal messages until Sunday, September 16, inclusive.

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