"Addictive legend" Runet closed

    “The site is closed by agreement with the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation” - the inscription reads on the high.ru homepage . The reason for the closure is called "the inability to control the domain owners of publications on the high.ru forum, which can be regarded as propaganda of psychoactive drugs." The domain is for sale at the Hammer online auction. Currently, its price has reached? 2,500.

    “For those who are not in the subject: high.ru is one of the legends of drug addicts. A very large collection of valuable materials on psychoactive substances and just a good community, ” the blogger Merkurov characterizes the project.

    “We proceed from the fact that a change in consciousness and perception through the use of psychoactive substances has always been present in human culture, along with alternative techniques such as shamanism, meditation, prayer, NLP and extreme sports,” its creators say more restrained about the site. - Therefore, the project’s area of ​​interest is not only “altered states of consciousness” caused by psychoactive substances, but, first of all, the person himself, his awareness of his place in the world, his relationship with higher entities and other worlds, a feeling of happiness and grief, joy and depression, desire turn mountains and lack of motivation. "

    The project itself after the closure of high.ru is not dead. Mirror version of the site located at behigh.orgcontinues to operate. “High.ru was the original domain, and behigh.org was registered just in case something bad happens to the main one ...” - said in the section “About the project”.

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