As I accidentally dug up for myself unlimited (!) Internet on a usb modem from mts, for a minimal fee


Employees pay, it is not advisable to read. Too specific focus of the article.


At the moment, I freely use all the charms of a completely unlimited Internet at a speed of ~ 1-9 Mbit / s (depending on server load) for 300 rubles a month , which I could not afford, just a week ago.
Now, not only my “sim card” is satisfied with the costs of the Internet, and finally the end user of this Internet, i.e. I. Justice triumphs, but I think they will soon close the shop.

Background. Well, it’s impossible without her

So, I am a user of a usb modem from mts, and as an economical student, I connected the cheapest tariff for 250 rubles, with a sad traffic limit of 4 GB / month.
Quite by accident, climbing the MTS website in search of the best deals on tariffs, or even possibly connecting yourself some sort of option. I came across a mysterious option:

Turbo nights
Cost: 50 rubles / month
Validity period: from 03.00 a.m. to 08.00 a.m. (according to the time of the subscriber’s home region)
Unbilled traffic, i.e. full unlimited

Having considered how much I can download torrents in 5 hours, and also, having thought a little with a question above a head:
And I need it?
I came to the conclusion, and the next day, connected for a month, see how it goes.
No wonder, as it turned out.
I downloaded torrents, of course, all night, pumped out more than 15 GB . And soon, he began to notice that upon reaching the time specified in the contract: eight o’clock in the morning, no one had taken the Internet from me and left it still completely free of charge.
I only found out about this when I came from college. I noticed that I forgot to turn off torrents, and the speed was still ~ 8 Mbit / s . It seemed strange to me then, and of course, without hesitation, I decided that the problem was on the server.


After a couple of such strange repetitions of the “problem”, I began to wonder what the reason was. Why, sometimes, when I leave torrents on, at 8 o’clock the Internet does not cut?
I am not completely sure of the problem, but this is my point of view!
The answer was simple - the connection channels are open.
I think: so what, why then the Internet does not always remain at super-speed?
And one time, I came up with a better idea: the speed of polling the seeds.
I opened the terminal and began to push the Yandex server with a simple endless ping: ping
And now, you can even say that I use the Internet as a person!
Having created the task in cron, now I don’t care about this ping, I just come from college and sit down to watch a movie online!

Instructions for use

1. We connect the cheapest tariff - 250 rubles
2. We connect the turbo-night option - 50 rubles (it may have risen in price)
3. We wake up at 7.55
4. We ping something until blue
in the face 5. In no case do we reset the network connection (! ) Always be online
6. Surf!

Total: 300 rubles + Small efforts = Normal Internet from a usb modem.

Thank you for your time reading the article, I hope it was interesting.

ps: If not difficult, explain this miracle of a network hack.

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