Beltelecom displaces private providers from the ADSL market

    Starting August 1, 2006, the Belarusian primary Internet provider and monopolist Beltelecom introduced a one-time fee for installing an ADSL subscriber line in the amount of Br18.7 thousand ($ 8.7) and a monthly fee for its operation in the amount of Br15.99 thousand ($ 7.5). This is 30 times more than the previous line crossing fee. Thus, in the fast-growing ADSL market, where Beltelecom significantly lost to private companies, a significant redistribution of the market will now take place.

    Private providers were forced to raise prices and filed a collective complaint against Beltelecom. In response, Beltelecom officially announcedthat does not consider substantiated claims of commercial providers to the tariff and pricing policies of the enterprise. “This is not an increase in tariffs for crossing the subscriber line, as stated in the claims of the operators against the enterprise. This is the introduction of a new service in the country and tariffs for it, ”the statement emphasizes.

    As you know, Beltelecom is the only primary provider in Belarus. All private providers are required to lease communication channels from him, they are forbidden to install even satellite dishes. At the same time, Beltelecom works not only with providers, but also actively provides services to individuals. A few days ago, the Ministry of Communications criticized Beltelecom for the "inflexible tariff policy" in the ADSL market, which led to the "strengthening of non-state companies" and "a significant expansion of home computer networks."

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