Japan plans to limit home recording of TV programs

    The Japanese government plans to limit the possibility of home video recording of digital broadcasting programs, to which all TV companies in the country should switch from analogue to 2011, to protect copyrights. The Japanese authorities intend to leave the possibility of users only a single entry, reports RIA "Novosti" .

    Currently, the broadcast TV shows can be recorded on the receiving device’s hard disk, after which they can be edited and repeatedly copied onto DVD discs or published on the Internet. According to members of the special commission under the Ministry of the Interior, communications and postal reform, this often violates the copyrights of the producers of the programs and the participants in them.

    If a new scheme proposed by the Commission is adopted, then a new code in digital format will contain a special code that allows you to record a program on a hard disk and transfer it to a disk only once, in full, without the possibility of video editing.

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