US Senators Tackle Open Source Propaganda in Medicine

    Jay Rockefeller
    The Democrat Senator John D. (Jay) Rockefeller, pictured in the photo, is an active supporter of the introduction of open source solutions to the US healthcare system, in particular, Medsphere software , which is also used to maintain an electronic database war veterans (US Department of Veteran Affairs). He is also the author of a new bill (adopted April 23), which creates a constituent council led by David Blumental (David Blumental, chief IT specialist in American healthcare), whose tasks will include the distribution of grants to medical institutions for the implementation of open source EDMS, the development and adaptation of the concepts of transition from existing systems, as well as the development of criteria for assessing the success of implementation.

    Everything would be wonderful if this undertaking (in fact, it originates from the administration of George W. Bush, when Senator Ted Stevens was engaged in this) did not find opponents who advocate the exclusion of officials from market regulation (in particular, Republicans this is what donations from proprietary software companies do).

    Based on ZDNet

    PS: it would be interesting to know how things are with the implementation of open source in medicine in Russia?

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