Blocks project: do-it-yourself modular smart devices

    A project to create a modular smartphone from Google, a project called Project ARA, has already been mentioned on Habré several times. In general, the idea is very interesting, and Google is going to provide the first such smartphones in 2015.

    But what if we go further and think about the modularity of other devices, for example, wearable electronics, which is now entering a new phase of development? Smart watches, bracelets and everything else - these devices can also be modular. And the Project ARA project is a "relative" of the Blocks project.

    By default, you get a bracelet, and a couple of basic modules (for example, a display of a certain size). Then you buy the modules that you need, for example, a pedometer with a wireless module, a communication module with a smartphone, and everything else. Want more features? Gather more blocks together.

    Choose a basis.

    Add functions.


    If you need an important energy-saving function, install an e-ink display and enjoy the long battery life. If you need a bright and large display - buy the appropriate module.

    Actually, the idea is good because you don’t have to buy a “smart” watch and a sports “smart” bracelet, for example. Now you can do everything yourself.

    Here is a video demonstrating the implementation of the project idea itself:

    Via Blocks ,

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