Gift geek: protection against avtoAlkash

According to the traffic police , more than 3,000 people died and more than 17,000 Russians were injured in an accident in the past year, 2017, in an accident involving drivers who are intoxicated.

This is not only a significant loss for the state and society, but, first of all, of course, a huge, sometimes irreparable loss for loved ones. And no one is immune from this.

Yes, we are promised an ambulance, faster than we think, replacing drivers with robots, but so far this has not happened and people continue to die.

Well, let's try now to offer a solution to this problem.

Moreover, our president, V.V. Putin set the task of reducing the number of accidents with serious consequences.

It cannot be said that this crime is “overlooked” - there are laws, and constantly increasing fines, and special devices for testing for alcohol embedded in a car, and checking drivers by traffic police officers, and a single negative public opinion. But after all, the car owners themselves are not killer-killers, no one has a desire to arrange an accident, to kill and maim themselves and others. But alas, although there is some progress, the statistics are relentless.

Why so? Why bans are not effective? Because when a person is in a state of intoxication, in addition to worsening reactions, the level of self-control, up to his loss, sharply decreases, and many prohibitions (legislative, social, religious, family, personal, etc.) cease to exist for him. In a state of intoxication, such a person, without being aware of his actions and their consequences, is capable of causing harm (including the death of many people) both to himself and his relatives, friends, and others, such as sitting behind the wheel of a car, losing or losing a major the amount, having made an unnecessary expensive purchase, having opened fire from a weapon belonging to him, etc. At the same time, after the cessation of intoxication, a person may sincerely worry about the consequences and not understand how he could do this,

So maybe, if it is not possible to eliminate the factors that lead to intoxication (as historical practice has shown, it is also counter-effective), fines and threats to an already drunk person do not matter, various controls built into the car are not very common and deceptive (besides ), relatives are sometimes unable to stop the person who wants to “go for a drive,” and you won’t put a traffic police officer on each vehicle, offer the person a simple and understandable way, as well as a massive, simple, inexpensive, easy and fast t Technologically marketable device for self-limiting its own hazardous activities during the period of intoxication. After all, as you know: “if you want what would be done well, do it yourself”, and “saving drowning people is the work of drowning people themselves” (c).

And such a device can be an ordinary "home" safe, the lock of which is controlled by a countdown timer.

How it works:

  • such a safe user installs at home (or in any place he needs);
  • the user himself (or those who are interested in safety around him: his wife, children, more sober-minded friends), being sober and foreseeing a situation of onset of intoxication (for example, came home tired, wanted to drink and rest; a party was scheduled) puts those things that using them while intoxicated can cause damage, for example: car keys, credit cards, money, keys to the safe with a weapon, etc .;
  • then he sets on the lock timer a time interval that corresponds to his idea of ​​the duration of his being intoxicated (for example, at 10 o'clock, until 7 am, when he needs to work);
  • locks the safe and turns on the countdown (for the period of its operation, you can turn off the power, the timer is equipped with an autonomous);
  • for the period of time specified by it, the safe cannot be opened by regular means (but it is possible to put forgotten “dangerous” things into it if you use the construction of a so-called deposit safe).

Thus, for the period set by him, the items placed in the safe will not be available to him and, therefore, he will not be able to use them for causing significant damage being intoxicated (as these things will not be available to others, and therefore they will not be able to take advantage of these things while their owner is “blacked out”, which prevents possible cases of theft, “bases” and misunderstandings).

Of course, for the sake of damage everything will fit, and not just what is in the safe. But we are talking about helping ordinary normal people, and not about maniac psychos (which, by the way, it will be easier to determine). And of course, the safe can be cracked (if you really need it), but for this you need self-control, concentration, and this is a different story and another, more resistant safe the next day, most just need to “remind” that “you don’t need to go.” Well, if you are safe, having suffered from hacking attempts and having heroically survived, will not open in the morning, you can call a locksmith and say thanks (of course in other words, emotionally and allegorically) to those who saved from possibly more trouble.

Something like that. Simply. Cheap (especially if you remember the amounts of fines, not to mention the "price" of an accident). It is clear to anyone. Efficiently enough (plus this safe can be used as usual, not including the timer). Fast and simple production technology (in fact, an alarm clock + a metal box with an electric lock, everything has long been known and produced). Used independently (and this is very important) enhancing a sense of responsibility and self-esteem. And it is not in conflict with our culture and mentality.

The only serious problem is that in order to achieve high efficiency, you need to have such a device in every home. And it’s really not easy, remembering that only in Russia there are about 40 million (only) car owners (in the world - more than 2 billion) and you need not only to produce, but also to provide advertising, demand and sales; spread throughout the country, provide legal, informational and technical support. It’s impossible to draw one person in one person, individual specimens and small batches of weather will not do, and large investments need large investments, which means you need to find interested organizations (and this is not only the state (unfortunately, because of its specificity it reacts very slowly), but and the church, and insurance companies, and manufacturers of safes, and various funds, and, oddly enough, producers of alcohol) and agree with them about participation (which will not be so difficult because it’s quite PR and commercially profitable). However, it is possible to lie on the stove, “ideas are in the air” and sooner or later a similar device will appear, but then our money and our jobs (as well as money, jobs, appreciation and respect of 2x bn. all over the world) will get more nimble foreign "partners" (c), but not us.

And, of course, we need a habit of using it, but this is true in every new case, and at first, relatives, for example, the mother-in-law, may remind you. (besides, an important problem of justice is being solved - after all, substandard quality or enumeration can be committed and anyone can commit a crime in an irresponsible form, even a law-abiding and non-drinker person, anything can happen in life, nobody renounces this, and there was no objective way to protect themselves. And this device gives this opportunity, at the same time reducing the level of crime.) And also allows you to reduce the basis for corruption on the roads.

Unfortunately, it is clear that there can be no talk of 100% efficiency, but even if it saves 1 person (especially if it is you yourself), then it is worth it.

But in general, with ubiquitous distribution (for example, according to the state program, once (for the car owner) to issue a number plate free of charge, under painting - it will pay off instantly + jobs), we can expect efficiency in the region of 30%, and this is not an empty figure, but more than a thousand saved (only in Russia and only from death) people every year, among whom there may be your relatives and you yourself (besides, there is an objective indicator - traffic police statistics (Ministry of Internal Affairs, trauma centers and hospitals), which will show whether there is a benefit or not.)

Well, but with those who will not care continue to drink at the wheel it will be possible to do more specific and tough. Surnames.

A device similar in principle can be built into a car (blocking it for a specified time (acting also as an anti-theft device), or even into a separate lock (for example, mounted, controlled via bluetooth / wifi and separate external power (including wireless)) for example, from a smartphone), it is also possible to release mobile “pocket” versions of such a device (I wanted to relax somewhere far from home — block “dangerous” things, such as a credit card and don’t be afraid that you will spend money on it (or someone more)) that can expand . ut a way to apply this principle

. Naturally, the solution is not perfect, however, it may be someone who will offer the best -. a simpler, cheaper, more massive, more understandable, more efficiency can be right here and now.

May be. In the meantime, let's move on from words to deeds and independently manufacture such a device.

Professionals can both collect and design a beautiful design, program and add various additional chips (and, having understood the idea, they run away to warm up 3D printers, sharpen soldering irons, mix LUT, draw runes of schemes, weave a web of tracks on boards and conjure programs ). But we, nonprofessionals, will be doing in the simplest form, with a minimum of functions, but that it would be possible to assemble it for everyone, “on the knee”. Let it seem like a children's hand-made article, but it will make sure that it is simple and efficient, and after the first success it will be possible to easily and confidently proceed to self-assemble an almost professional model based on what has already been done.

The components used (almost all are shown in the picture):
(we will not argue about their choice - the principle is clear and everyone implements it by the means that he has; there are a lot of options for processors, program algorithms, locks, screens, and cases (you can make a timer-lock and a round forged safe with rhinestones), for this case, the main thing is the availability and ease of assembly. Information where and how much will not be the same - everything mentioned (or analogs) has long been widely represented on the Internet and radio stores.)

1. Processor my Bullet - Arduino Nano 5 volt ATMega328.
2. DS1302 clock module + battery.
3. OLED screen, 128x64, 0.96 ", I2C.
4. Tower Pro SG90 servo (180 degrees) + one-blade lever (included in its kit).
5. Furniture bolt.
4. Buttons such (height> 13mm, for use in the proposed version of the housing) 3 pcs, 2kΩ resistors 3 pcs, a switch, an electrolytic capacitor (220µF or more).
5. Battery pack (used on 6 volts 2x2 AAA, which would fit into the proposed case) and batteries.
6. 2n2222 transistor or analogue + 1kOhm resistor, to control the power of the servomotor.
7. Suitable lengths of cable channel 40 * 16 and 25 * 16 (+ plugs for beauty) for electronics enclosures.
8. Circuit board (2 pcs, for interface and processor module).
9. Iron mounting plate.
10. mounting wires, connectors, screws, gadgets, glue ...
... and another clock button for testing and abnormal situations, so that the timer count could be reset if that.

It is best to first assemble the circuits on the mockups, step by step, first connect the screen, then the buttons, the timer, the servomotor, and with the help of test programs for each stage check the work, and then load the main program, make sure everything works as it should and solder to circuit boards.

When assembling, you need to load the program into the Arduino. There are many articles on the Internet about working with this platform, so here it will not be described.

Timer (iarduino_RTC) and screen (OLED_I2C) libraries or their analogues can also be downloaded from the Internet.

Included are programs that help step by step to check the assembled scheme - connecting the screen, buttons, timer, lock.

As a draft of a safe door, the easiest way to start is to take a small sheet of plywood or cardboard for the intended dimensions of the door, mount and check everything on it, and then purchase a suitable safe and place the ready-made device on its door.

1. Making the lock
1.1. We remove the side stop on the latch.
1.2. We drill a hole in the handle of the latch, cut the thread and screw in a screw (with a thread lock so that it does not loosen) with a lever (we make a hole in it in the middle, a little closer to the base) from the servomotor so that it can easily turn on the screw ( cut, and just screw the glue).
1.3. Find out in what position is the servo shaft.
1.3. We put on and fasten the single-lever lever to the servo so that the extreme position of the bolt of the latch corresponds to the extreme (almost) position of the shaft of the servo.
1.4. We fasten the bolt to the mounting plate with screws and nuts, and the servo drive is not rigidly fastened with a flexible tie.

The castle is ready. It is not intended for professional use, but is quite suitable for a start, as a visual sample.

2. The interface module and the processor module are assembled (step by step, checking with the help of test programs from the kit) on the breadboard board according to the picture (the connection of the contacts is indicated in the program), load the program, test it, and then transfer it to 2 circuit boards and solder everything.

3. The program is available at:
3.1. Comments on the work and settings in its text.
3.2. We load the program into the controller and check the operation of the device (there is a demo mode).

4. Everything is beautifully fixed in the case and on the "door".

Is done.

What can be improved:

  • install a suitable key lock;
  • apply a door / lock sensor;
  • add a battery timer test;
  • connect and program a squeaker;
  • replace the servo used with the metal gearbox version (MG90S) for reliability + make the lever more reliable;
  • insert just in case a suitable resistor in the reset button circuit, suddenly there is a maniac who will clamp it at the moment of start;
  • supplement the interface board with a connector for external power supply from the network (for example, from charging a mobile phone), and the fuse would not hurt;
  • program menu with settings, incl. date and time to set not only the duration of the report, but also the time of its completion, which is more convenient;
  • add the ability to set the "grace period" when you can still open the safe, if you forgot something after the start of the countdown;
  • include in the program the ability to set the code for opening when the report is not kept (will be like a code safe, so that only the owner can open before the start / after the countdown) (setting the code for opening when the count is being taken is not desirable because this method will very soon everyone knows and will have to reprogram (all) such devices);
  • improve the design;
  • add the ability to control via the IR remote (from the TV) or the mobile phone application via WiFi / bluetooth (safer via SoftwareSerial);
  • Embed an alarm (for example, for shaking / hitting) with a siren or voice message + transmitting information about a hacking attempt to interested parties (3G, WiFi) + video broadcasting / recording;
  • microphone, speaker and computer with AI, that would "talk for life" and with the recording of the conversation;
  • consider the way of advertising;
  • choose a cheap and reliable processor for industrial release;
  • to paint

And, of course, be sure to replace the managed lock with a more professional and reliable lock.

As you can see, nothing complicated, no nanotechnology and blockchain.

And now we have a simple, understandable, cheap and quite effective remedy for protection against auto-Alkashas, ​​which can be done with our own hands.

It only remains to be widely implemented in order to save the life and health of themselves and thousands of people every year.

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage related to the information in this article.

The author is not a professional neither in radio electronics, nor in programming, nor in design, and he hopes that more experienced comrades will help interested non-professionals with answers to professional questions.

A patent application has been filed. However, according to Article 1359 p.4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation does not constitute a violation of the exclusive right to invention the use of an invention, utility model or industrial design to meet personal, family, home or other non-business needs, unless the purpose of such use is to make a profit or income.

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