Grow safe from an early age - educational program of Rostelecom and MIPT

    Information is one of the pillars of modern society. Personal data of citizens, business secrets of organizations, insiders and financial data, payment cards - all this and much more should be stored and processed in the most secure environment.

    The better the information for potential intruders, the more expensive and sophisticated the hacking methods. New generations of cyber threats simply have to find a worthy opponent in the form of a new generation of cyber defense. And here, under the new generation of protection, we understand not just the software and methods, but also the people themselves.

    From November 1 to November 24, on the basis of the Sirius educational center in Sochi, we are launching an educational program on cybersecurity in partnership with MIPT - with a bunch of practical training in reverse engineering, web security, cybercrime, cryptography, IoT security, mobile platforms. From September 11 to September 15, we will select participants among students in grades 8–11 using the online Olympiad. All the details - under the cut.

    How will the selection take place

    The main thing is to have time to submit an application as soon as possible, before September 10. We would have been glad to announce this in advance, but that was the way our circumstances were.

    On September 11, everyone who signed up will receive a message through the mail, through which they will be able to proceed to the Olympiad tasks.

    On September 16-19, 80 participants with the highest points will receive skype interviews with Rostelecom representatives.

    September 20 will be published a list of 60 winners, who will go to "Sirius". Accommodation, meals and transfers are free.

    What will happen in the Olympiad

    Olympiad participants will be offered 3-5 tasks on the following topics:

    • cryptographic protection of information;
    • the organization of hidden channels of information transfer and their detection;
    • programming of security subsystems;
    • reverse engineering programs;
    • Web vulnerability detection
    • investigation of incidents in IT.

    The total number of points for each task is determined by how many participants can solve it (from 50 to 500 points). When comparing the results with an equal number of points, the solution time will be taken into account.

    Educational program with MIPT

    For the educational unit of programming and workshops will be responsible MIPT. The shift supervisor is Alexey Maleev, Vice-Rector for International Programs and Technological Entrepreneurship at MIPT. The composition of educational modules from MIPT:

    Python Programming Language Module
    • Python interpreter, using REPL, ipython
    • Язык Python:
      – Основные типы данных, преобразования типов
      – Арифметические и логические операции
      – Мутабельность и иммутабельность
      – Функции, области видимости
      – Управляющие конструкции, циклы
    • Стандартная библиотека Python:
    • Коллекции: dict, set и пр.
      – Генерация комбинаторных объектов
      – Ввод-вывод, работа с файлами
    • Виртуальные окружения
    • Установка дополнительных библиотек через pip

    Module "Algorithms and Data Structures"
    • Введение в алгоритмы и структуры данных:
      – Понятие алгоритма и его сложности, нотация О-большое, предварительная оценка времени работы программы
      – Системы счисления
      – Модульная арифметика
      – Понятие НОД, НОК и алгоритм вычисления
    • Алгоритм быстрого возведения в степень
    • Двоичный поиск:
      – Общий принцип (на примерах игры «угадай число» и поиска в картотеке, понятие логарифма)
      – Целочисленный двоичный поиск в массиве
      – Двоичный поиск по ответу (задача про ксерокс)
    • Основы теории графов:
      – Основные понятия теории графов
      – Организация хранения графов в памяти
      – Поиск в глубину
      – Поиск в ширину
      – Топологическая сортировка
    • Рекурсивный перебор:
      – Понятие рекурсивного перебора
      – Примеры NP-полных задач
      – Реализация в Python, управление глубиной стека
      – Примеры отсечений ветвей перебора

    Full curriculum can be found here .


    Yes, there will be a quest - where without practice. Among the quests of the quest are Tesla's security check (voice data channel), remote access, data interception via wi-fi using a quadcopter, call interception using a cellular network vulnerability.

    All participants will be divided into teams of 5 people, each with its own captain, will register in the system. Tasks between teams will distribute the site. Participants will follow the process with the help of a bot. If any team slows down - it gets a hint. If it solves everything too quickly, it gets an additional minicvest.

    At the end of the shift, we will hold an in-person CTF competition for 8 hours and a quest for the security of a smart city.

    We will be glad to see your children at the Olympiad! Or yourself. Or even your grandchildren. With what Habr is not joking.

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