ONYX C63ML Akunin Book - the first swallow from the “fanbook” family

    Hello dear friends!
    I want to talk about my acquaintance with the first electronic fan-book ONYX C63ML Akunin Book, stylized as Boris Akunin’s work.

    In addition to the author's stylization and decoration, this book has a number of attractive solutions: unique software, a capacitive touch screen with backlight, the Android operating system, a quality case in the kit. The review contains detailed photos, tests and impressions of the operation of this e-book.

    > Introduction

    I got acquainted with the work of the writer and screenwriter Boris Akunin several years ago, after watching the film "Turkish Gambit", which was shot according to his script. Boris Akunin has a large number of admirers and they will like this design of the electronic book.
    There is a special charm of such stylized antique books. Both the author’s design and the unique software from eBook Application LLC are designed to create a feeling of penetration into the unique historical and detective world of the author.
    But it will be a mistake to think that the book is only for the work of Boris Akunin. ONYX C63ML Akunin Book easily opens any other books of the most various formats.

    > Specifications

    imageProcessor: Rockchip 2906, 1 GHz
    imageOperating system: Android 2.3.1
    imageRandom access memory (RAM): 512 Mb;
    imageAvailable memory: 4 GB + microSD slot up to 32 GB;
    imageSize, type and resolution of the display: 6 ″, E-Ink Pearl HD, touch (capacitive), 16 shades of gray, Multi-touch, MoonLight backlight, 1024x758;
    imageNetwork: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n;
    imageBattery capacity: 1700 mAh (Li-ion);
    imageOptional: USB 2.0; Text formats: TXT, DOC, PDF, FB2 (.ZIP), EPUB, DJVU, RTF, ZIP, RAR, HTML, CHM, CBR, CBZ; Graphic formats: JPG, PNG; Audio Formats: MP3; Audio: 3.5 mm for headphones
    imageDimensions: 170 x 117 x 8.7 mm
    imageWeight without cover: 169 g.

    > Options

    A box of cardboard, a book cover, and a user manual are artistically styled to reflect the writer's historical and detective work.

    Options: e-book, cover, charger, USB data cable, manual and warranty card.

    The proprietary charger from the 220V network with an output charge current of 1000 mA, fully charges the battery in 3 hours, does not overheat during charging.

    The USB data cable is also of good quality, not hard, length 80 cm, the microUSB connector fits tightly to the end, without gaps.

    > Design and ergonomics

    The electronic book is issued in one color scheme: black. The case is made of soft-touch plastic. Dimensions of the device are 170 x 117 x 8.7 mm with a weight of 169 grams.

    On the front panel is a 6-inch touch screen, home button and page turning buttons. Along the entire body along the edges of the screen you can see a small curly recess.

    The manufacturer’s logo, the name of the model, some technical information, as well as the serial number, which matches the code on the box, are applied to the rear panel.

    On the right and left ends are mechanical buttons for turning pages.

    On the upper end are the on / off button and a hole for rebooting the device, (during the 3-week test it was not needed).

    The on / off button that also acts as an indicator of events: during charging, the orange LED is constantly on and the blue is blinking, at the end of charging, the blue is constantly on.

    At the bottom there is an audio output for 3.5 mm headphones, a microUSB connector and a microSD card slot.

    The audio output from the box is closed with a small protective rubber plug, which can be easily removed with a conventional power button.

    Despite its size, the book is comfortable to hold in your hand, you quickly get used to it. All control keys are made with high quality and have a nice tight ride.

    > Cover

    I want to note the cover with a unique author's design of the outside. It is made of high-quality artificial leather, has convenient ergonomics, and the sewn-in magnetic strips fix the right and left parts when closing the book. After closing, there is an automatic transition to hibernation; upon opening, the book wakes up. Inside the cover-cover, the reader is fixed on four plastic latches, which reliably hold it from accidental loss.

    > Screen

    The ONYX C63ML Akunin Book features a 6-inch capacitive touch-sensitive E-Ink Pearl HD display with MOON Light backlight. It has a resolution of 1024x758 pixels with a pixel density of 200 ppi. The number of gradations of gray is 16, the contrast is 12: 1. The screen has a glass base. 2-touch multi-touch, responsive.

    By pressing the mechanical home button two seconds, you can turn the backlight on or off. By default, the backlight is set to 40%, the backlight level is conveniently adjusted in the control menu, which is available at the bottom of the screen at any time.

    > Iron

    The e-book is built on a Rockchip 2906 processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz. In addition to this, the device has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded to 32 GB using microSD memory cards.
    The Rockchip 2906 processor is energy efficient, i.e. It works at the frequency that is required at one time or another, depending on the tasks. And also perfectly goes into a deep sleep.

    Iron ONYX C63ML Akunin Book perfectly copes with its tasks, voluminous books in PDF, DjVu overloaded with pictures and photographs open if not in seconds, then very quickly. Books in the popular fb2 format open instantly.

    > Communications

    The developers have provided at least 3 ways to add new books:

    1. From a large computer via a microUSB cable (the reader supports USB 2.0 standard):

    2. Wi-Fi standard 802.11 b / g / n without using the Internet. Communication between different devices can be carried out through third-party programs on the Android OS platform, for example, creating an FTP server on an e-book:

    3. Internet connection via Wi-Fi.
    The entire author’s “Fandoriade” has already been downloaded to the e-book, additional books can be downloaded or purchased for free through LiteRes at a discount. You can listen to and buy audio books in the bookshelf of the bibliography of Boris Akunin, etc.

    > Interface and software

    The book has a unique authoring interface developed by eBook Application LLC. All drawings are made by the artist Igor Sakurov.

    In the book, you can open most of the popular formats: text, image, audio files.

    During reading, you can flexibly change additional settings that are saved for each book individually. For example: orientations, indents, spacing, font sizes, etc.
    The book has preinstalled popular fonts, and you can also install any custom ones. If you like to read books with a specific font that is not preinstalled in the reader, you can install your font by copying it to the created fonts folder (with a small letter) in the internal memory of the reader. Use TTF fonts.

    Directly in the text, you can open the pictures, as well as the author's notes.

    The book remembers the history of the opening and reading of recent books, as well as bookmarks set in the text of these books.

    On the main page you can go to the author’s blog, see the top 10 of his favorite books in 10 categories.

    As mentioned earlier, you can expand the functionality of the book by installing to install any application from the Google store, for example, system applications, games, programs for learning the language.

    On the main page, the basic device settings and reading settings are always available. For example, you can configure the behavior on waking up: start from the last open book, or open the main screen, and also open with or without backlight.

    Akunin Book allows you to access the Internet through the built-in browser. Through it you can read the news, read blogs and forums, see mail, etc. If desired, you can install any other browser or application for mail, social. networks.

    I would like to mention the dictionaries separately, the en-ru dictionary is already enabled by default. The user can add any of their dictionaries in StarDict format from the Internet. The downloaded archive should contain 3 files: the name of the dictionary in the dict.dz, idx and ifo formats. Next, you need to create a zip archive with these three files, change the file extension from zip to dict and copy the books to the internal memory.

    > Battery

    The book is equipped with one built-in battery capacity of 1700 mAh. With 1-2 hours of daily reading, the device works for 1 month on a single charge (backlight level 10-40%).

    > Conclusion

    The book made a positive impression on me, it meets all the requirements of modern electronic books. The most functional budget model, but on a productive platform with a good supply of battery capacity.

    1. Unique e-reader Application LLC reader software
    2. Excellent 6-inch display with MOON Light backlight
    3. High-capacity battery for 1700 mAh
    4. Slim body and light weight (169 g)
    5. Excellent cover-cover with a design
    6. Good firmware optimization
    7. Support for audio formats
    8. Charging LED

    The only minus I found is the priceslightly above average in the market (6990 p.). This price, in my opinion, is due to the presence of the already downloaded full cycle of books about Fandorin, a unique author's design and interface, as well as the presence of a complete set of accessories.

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