Google Introduces Oppia Online Learning Tool

    Google today released the new open-source tool Oppia, with which everyone can create online interactive events to educate others. Such lessons, called “surveys,” can be created jointly by several people through a web interface, for this you do not even need to know programming.

    Here's how Google describes Oppia itself:

    Oppia teaches through the presentation of a mentor, a mentor who asks the learner questions. Depending on his answers, the teacher decides which question to ask next, what feedback to give, what can be repeated and whether it is worth moving on to the next part. You can think of it as a smart feedback system that “teaches a person how to fish,” and not just determines the right or wrong answers.

    Google believes that online education can do more than just video, audio, or text. In training, feedback is a key factor, the company writes: “a person does not learn how to play the piano by watching a lot of videos with virtuosos playing”.

    Google notes that Oppia does not just offer static content - the system collects data on how students work with it and shows them to the survey author so that he can fix the flaws. For example, if most students give an incorrect answer to a certain question - it is too complicated or does not relate to a passable topic - the author may have a new learning path for him. Thus, the lessons are constantly improving.

    Oppia is now being offered as an open source project.However, Google itself says that “Oppia is not a Google product”, so apparently its development will fall on the shoulders of enthusiasts.

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