Friday's Skillbox webinars: everything for programmers and designers


    You know firsthand how important it is to create a great web-based product between designer and programmer. Skillbox is also up to date, and therefore in today's selection there are webinars on layout and design. Among the topics are the basics of developing the site and using JavaScript, what UX is, simple ways to draw a smart site and prevent seven typical mistakes in design.
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    JavaScript basics

    A master class for novice web developers was prepared by Mikhail Ovchinnikov, leading software engineer at Badoo. You will learn how to change a page, write text on it, add and remove tags, and manage element styles. Mikhail will speak about scripting, server requests, data validation and reading cookies in accessible language and with examples.

    How to develop a JavaScript application

    Practical lesson on JavaScript from the previous speaker. Michael will show the entire algorithm for creating an application on JS. You will learn how to work with scripts and frameworks in practice.

    Practical online JavaScript course from scratch

    Site for an hour! Part 2. JavaScript

    Site for an hour - it is generally legal? It turns out, yes: Progressive Media CTO Yuri Samoilenko will share his personal experience. In the first part, he talked about PHP, in this - about JavaScript. You will learn the client side of web applications, native JS and frameworks, as well as the basic working environment. Learn how to work with the console, and create a blog.

    What is UX design and why is it important?

    Everybody heard about UX-design today. It is difficult to give a precise definition of the concept, but we will try. UX is a multifaceted concept of designing a practical, user-friendly interface that will give people a new and inspiring experience (User Experience). More details will tell the chief designer of the studio AIC Sergey Popkov. He will devote to the main directions of UX-design and on a simple example will explain how to apply it.

    5 easy ways to draw a chic website

    Create a beautiful website in five ways with Vadim Payas. You will learn about the three techniques of web design and how to create a layout using modular grids and get a really bright, juicy, but unobtrusive design. And Vadim will tell you how to find a unique style and forget about the creative crisis.

    7 typical mistakes of designers

    It is better to learn from the mistakes of others. But if you meet yours among these, we will not tell anyone ;-) Web designer Philip Solomin with a lot of experience will show typical mistakes in web design using ready-made projects as an example. You will learn how to minimize shortcomings in the work, and get a check-list of the most frequent problems in layouts.

    Webinars in the selection are suitable not only for beginners in programming and design, but also for specialists with experience - it will not harm anyone to test themselves. And finally: we wish designers and web developers to live together.
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