Management tools: How to involuntarily troll the interlocutor and get a minus in karma

    In a previous article on management tools, we examined the algorithm of how to constructively solve problems with people. It was the turn to talk about unconstructive techniques. And I'll start with the story.

    In 2004, our team, peacefully making projects for Sun Microsystems, decided to acquire the corporation, the world leader in the production of microprocessors. The vice president of the corporation flew in and began to distribute offers.

    At that time, I led the Java testing team on mobile devices. Accordingly, I was issued an offer for the position of manager with nice numbers. Spring immediately arrived in my soul, I grew up by half a meter and began to think what it would be with my wife and I. (I’m writing, not to be jealous of me - I’m setting the context of the situation).

    And so I walk down the hall with a happy smile on my face. Towards - the director of one of the Sun's units, let's call him Sergei. We had such a friendly relationship, so nothing portended trouble.

    A conversation ensued:

    - Sanya, hi! What is it like?

    - Yes, they offer.

    “Oh, what are they offering?”

    - Yes, look ... (showing the offer)

    - (Thoughtfully) Well, dunno ... Does this offer you grade number 8? In my opinion, this is a position for students at their place. I just have a familiar student working in the States, in my opinion, he has just the 8th grade ... And what’s this - the bonus amount? No, Sanya, it seems like some kind of divorce ... Look, there is no company logo, no print, no signature. I think they’ll marry you and leave you ... You, of course, think for yourself, but I expressed my opinion to you.

    Spring has calmed down in the shower. In the spring, panic came.

    Why is this happening as a result of communication, what was the continuation of the story, what causes negative emotions in the conversation, why we use these techniques, and what concepts here are simply necessary to know - on this subject we recorded a short video:

    PS I still write articles for a long time, so we decided to try this format.

    PPS The leader in the production of microprocessors did not deceive in the end, everything was fine. :)

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