BigRep One: A New 3D Printer That Can Print Entire Furniture

    Now almost every month there are new models of 3D printers, many of which are modifications to an existing model. Nevertheless, sometimes completely original models appear that differ from everything that is currently on the printer market.

    It is to this class of 3D printers that BigRep One can be attributed - a large device capable of printing furniture in its entirety. The dimensions of such furniture are quite ordinary, for example, 115 * 100 * 125 cm.

    The device can work with nylon, special plastic, as well as a material called Laywood, which is a mixture of polymer and wood fibers. If you “print” furniture from such material, then the result is more or less similar to wood products.

    In addition, the printer can print things with the effect of sandstone - the resulting products have a texture similar to this breed. In general, using BigRep One you can create any kind of home furniture, either whole products or parts for cabinet furniture.

    However, the price of the device is rather big, and a lot of materials will be needed. So, BigRep One costs 39 thousand dollars - for the money you can buy excellent furniture from any designer.

    Nevertheless, the initiative has been made, and BigRep One is likely to occupy its niche.

    Via cnet

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