ORM in PHP to be or not to be?

    Good day colleagues.
    How do you feel about using ORM in PHP projects?
    I really like ORM and QueryBuilders, but the specific implementation of Doctrine 1 ORM really disappointed: ambiguous features, like lazy loading of a field, a very large overhead in memory and script run time, not flexibility, you cannot save one specific object from the tree and still some things. All this suggests abandoning Doctrine, so I would like to know about the practical experience of the community.
    UPD if you voted for the last item, please write in the comments which framework, which pitfalls were.

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    What is your attitude to ORM in PHP?

    • 28.8% do not use any ORM 171
    • 18.5% use a self-written ORM 110
    • 3% Use Doctrine 1 and are satisfied 18
    • 1.6% Tried Doctrine 1 and had to give up 10
    • 19.2% We use Doctrine 2 and are satisfied 114
    • 1.8% Tried Doctrine 2 and had to give up 11
    • 51.6% We use the ORM delivered with framework 306

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