Facebook knows who you fell in love with

    Facebook data analysts have published statistics collected from anonymous profiles on the social network. As romantically stated on the official blog, statistics show the “formation of love” between couples.

    “For 100 days before the start of the relationship, we see a slow but steady increase in the number of messages between the future couple,” writes study author Carlos Diuk. But the most interesting thing happens later: a sharp decrease in communication in the social network immediately after the establishment of relations (and a new status in the profile).

    The peak number of messages (1.67 per day) was noted 12 days before entering into a relationship. The minimum amount (1.53 per day) - 85 days after the status change. Obviously, couples try to spend more time together in the physical world, and not on the Internet.

    The fact that having entered into a serious relationship, people are less likely to post on Facebook, indicates the true nature of social networks. In a sense, they offer a “lightweight”, frivolous alternative to real communication. If a person has real communication, then he no longer needs a social network.

    Communication between lovers in a social network weakens, but it becomes noticeably warmer. A few days before the "union" with each other, lovers begin to use words with a positive emotional coloring, such as "love", "sweet", "happiness", "excellent" and so on.

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