Listen to the marketing of games and the place of scriptwriter in the gaming industry 26.09 at VSBI

    September 26 at 19:00 at the Higher School of Business Informatics, HSE in Moscow, will have a lecture evening on the gaming industry. There will be two lectures: "Marketing games with a minimum budget" and "Themes and money: the place of the scriptwriter in the gaming industry."

    Venue: st. Trifonovskaya, d.57, p. 1 (metro station Rizhskaya).

    Admission is free, but by appointment . You can register on the event page .

    Under the cut details about the lecture evening itself.

    Marketing games with a minimum budget

    Zykov Sergey, director of marketing and development of the Federation of computer sports in Moscow, teacher of the discipline "Marketing of games" in VSBI.

    Sometimes (but only sometimes) it happens that your marketing budget has dried up. Or the first project cannot boast of large budgets in principle. But this is not a reason to despair and give up! Even with minimal investment, your project can (and should) be developed and promoted. How? That is what we will talk about in our lecture.

    Plots and money: the place of script writer in the gaming industry

    Sergey Chekmaev, game screenwriter, science fiction writer and literary editor, teacher of the “Working with Script in Games” discipline at the VSBI.

    Previously, the writer created the fictional world himself, in the wilds of his unbridled imagination, but now, when literature takes an active part in the creation of cinema universes, game worlds and intermedia settings, the author’s work is largely based on marketing research and customer preferences. What is the role of the writer in the gaming industry now and who is he such a day laborer, a hired worker or is he still a creator? Does literature today create game worlds?

    Start registration: 18:30

    Event start: 19:00

    Venue: ul. Trifonovskaya, d.57, p. 1 (metro station Rizhskaya).

    Age limit 18+

    Please bring an identity document with you. And do not forget to go ONLINE REGISTRATION !

    Open Day at the gaming industry programs on October 3

    We invite you to the open day on the 3rd of October, where we will talk about the professional retraining programs “Game Management Management”, which starts in November 2018, and “Computer and Mobile Games Marketing”, which starts in February 2019.

    The Open Day will begin at 19: 00 ibid at VSBI. In order to come, you need to pre-register. Register here >>

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