Uplift: games for intelligence

    Each of you probably at least once felt remorse over video games. Games are a lot of fun, but rarely beneficial. They can develop an eye, increase reaction, sometimes even help to learn English. And, in general, that's all.

    In nature, games are used for learning. Both animal cubs and human children learn by playing. The game is the most natural and effective way of learning. Video games (like porn) use a game instinct, but give little.

    We ourselves (our team) spent thousands of hours of our lives on video games. And now we use the accumulated experience by creating Uplift - an intelligence game simulator.

    Uplift is a set of games (now there are 15 of them), united by a common pumping system. Some games are designed to train intelligence in general: memory, mindfulness, speed of thinking, computational skills. Part of it is for subject-based instruction: geography, history, English, etc. The

    success of users is compared with each other, and the result is displayed as percentiles with comments like "97% of the players in your age group are inferior to you exactly in memory." In addition, there are titles, ratings, levels, achievements.

    New games are released every month, in the near future - language, historical, online simulators of the exam. A mobile application is also being developed.

    How useful are our games? It depends on how you train. Regular users respond very warmly (you can ask them yourself, the contacts are listed here). And one user, previously vaguely imagining where the main countries of the world are, learned a map in a few days so that he set an absolute record in the game Lightspeed Geography .

    In between training sessions, you can check out our blog . Publications from it have repeatedly become viral. A recent example is the article “ How porn rebuilds your brain and destroys life .”

    Share feedback and criticism by mail (in the basement of the site) or in our groups ( VKontakte , Facebook ).

    Have a nice workout!

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