Wozniak: Apple needs to make an Android smartphone

Original author: MAT HONAN
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At the Apps World North America conference in San Francisco, Steve Wozniak gave WIRED an extensive interview in which he touched on many topics - from the favorite color of the iPhone 5s (he has three of them) to the fictional operating system in the movie She. But the most interesting comment was his opinion that Apple should release an Android smartphone.

“There is no reason why Apple should stay away from Android, the company could use it as a second platform,” Wozniak said. “We could perform well in the market. People value the style and quality of our products; it is superior to other Android products. We could play in two markets at the same time. ”

Of course, iAndroid is unlikely, but technically feasible. Android is open source and available to all manufacturers. Apple can fork Android, like Amazon, for example, and create a version that matches Apple's spirit.

Despite this seemingly trolling, Wozniak as a whole is quite sympathetic to his former company. When asked that innovation at Apple seemed to stall, he replied that everything was going according to plan and the company was just waiting for the right moment to release each of its products.

“Great products come from covert development,” he says. “You put together a small team of the best people to work on them, and they don’t worry about the comments of the others regarding what they are doing. New product categories do not appear so often. Maybe once every ten years. Sometimes you just have to wait. ”

He also endorsed Apple’s decision not to introduce hundreds of new features to the iPhone. “If you have something good, don’t change it, don’t spoil it,” said Steve. “Samsung's smartphone can take a picture when pronouncing a certain word, but how many innovations are there? It’s just a pursuit of a number of functions. ”

“People don’t really choose smartphones based on their capabilities,” he added. "I think Apple is good enough to say no to them."

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